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Why should you buy quality clothes?

Buy quality clothes, why? For lots of good reasons! Among other things, to have fun, to look good, for our wallet, for the image that we send back, for comfort, to make a difference, etc … In short, there are only advantages to afford quality pieces that will last over time.

Why should you buy quality clothes?

Whether you’re a fashion fan or not, someday we have to go shopping. We select our stores or brands according to our budget, our tastes, and our habits without always asking ourselves the right questions. Am I sure these pants will withstand many washes? Are the finishes of this shirt impeccable? Isn’t that sweater going to pilling quickly?

In short, attracted by aesthetics and the diktas of trends, we are not always attentive to the quality of what we buy. And yet! Our clothes are a reflection of our personality. It is therefore important to pay attention to the pieces chosen both in terms of style and cuts and in relation to our overall expectations (emotional, psychological, and visual).

The importance of favoring good quality clothing in everyday life

To encourage ethical fashion

Buying ready to wear women clothing encourages brands that have made the decision to adopt ethical behavior, but also those that hesitate. In recent years, we have noticed an awareness of the damage caused by “fast fashion”.

Some big brands and designers are increasingly concerned about the disastrous consequences of pollution in the fashion industry. The harmful effects on our planet and the sometimes inhuman working conditions revealed in the media have made it possible to change mentalities.

Buying good quality clothes from brands concerned with ethical fashion means making sure:

Respect for the environment,

Good working conditions in compliance with the regulations imposed by the brands,

Remuneration adapted to the number of hours worked,

Non-exploitation of children,

Quality fabrics used for clothing,

A manufacturing time not shortened for cost reasons,

Non-toxic dyes,

Neat finishes,

Guard against unpleasant odors.

To feel beautiful and confident

Wearing quality clothes gives us a distinguished and neat look. We feel beautiful and elegant. It even boosts self-confidence. We are noticed, we are admired and above all we are given more credibility. The notion of pleasure is also present.

To facilitate his professional career

How could we be taken seriously if in a pivotal meeting or job interview we are wearing a poorly cut suit, no outfit, crumpled, and made from poor fabric?

Admittedly, the dress does not make the monk, but it is easier to trust a person with a neat and elegant look. Obviously, according to the criteria of our 21st century consumerist society.

With equal competence, a recruiter will inevitably ask the question: “If his way of working is like his shirt and his pilled pants, I fear the worst” … Or “The image of the company is at stake and it is therefore important that she be represented by a person who is as attentive to her appearance as to her position ”.

Another concrete example:

If you want to apply for a large loan from your banker, the one that will allow you to change your professional career, do what is necessary to inspire him with confidence. Without going as far as the gala outfit, forget the shorts and the T-shirt bought for 5 euros at the market which no longer have any outfit. Thus, you send him a strong message: “I am a person ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, no room for carelessness, I know how to be rigorous”.


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