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Why equip yourself with invoicing software?

In the life of small businesses, invoicing is often seen as a burden and a waste of time. And yet it is a vital activity because if poorly done your business can end up with a panoply of errors, forgotten reminders and cash flow problems.

In a world where competition becomes fierce, where finding new customers becomes a full-time activity and where recovering the money earned becomes a daily battle, small businesses no longer have time to waste on invoice management issues and quote.

This is why the decision to acquire billing software for small businesses is a strategic decision that can increase your competitiveness in an amazing way, provided that the software chosen corresponds to your activity and your way of doing business.

So how do you choose the best invoicing software?

Whatever vendors of invoice and quote management solutions may tell you, there is no better invoicing software out there.

Worse, choosing software that is not right for you can make your situation worse as you will waste more time and money even though it is a free solution. In the end you will return to your old method.

In order not to make a mistake in your choice, here is a guide in the form of 5 questions to consider before committing:

Question 1: Where do I want to use my software from?

Which hardware to choose to use my invoicing software? Indeed, unless you want to buy new hardware, it is better to choose a solution that is compatible with your existing hardware.

If you are not yet equipped, several choices of equipment are available to you. Let us quote the most famous:

  • PC
  • MAC
  • Android tablet
  • iPad tablet (Apple)
  • Windows tablet
  • Android smartphone
  • iPhone

Billing and quote management solutions exist for all these platforms. Some support several at the same time.

What must be taken into account is ease of use and nomadism. Software on a PC or MAC has a larger screen to use and will therefore be more comfortable in use or even more functional. However, you are not going to be able to take your PC with you if you travel often, unlike billing software on an iPad or Android tablet. Also, tablets often offer new features such as signing quotes.

Smartphones are similar to tablets except that you have significantly less workspace. This is a solution that must be either temporary or in addition to another. Certain software has indeed the possibility of synchronization to imagine a combination of PC at the office and Smartphone on the move.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet all the time?

Online or local invoicing software

Some invoice and quote management solutions require the internet to function. In technical terms, this is called online solutions, in the Cloud (cloud) or even in SaaS (Software as a service) mode.

Other applications that do not need internet are in local mode.

The big difference between the two is the fact that the online solution (Cloud) saves your data on external servers which belong to the software publisher unlike the applications in local mode which save your data on your equipment (PC, iPad tablet or android, Phone…).

We can easily guess the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions:

In the case of a small business we recommend choosing an online invoicing solution. Indeed, it is rare that the company has the necessary competence to manage the data backup on its own. This is a vital aspect of using invoicing software. Imagine that overnight you lost everything you billed for the last 3 months!!!

However, there are applications that combine the advantages of both modes by offering innovative services. It’s up to you to take a good look at the possibilities offered by the chosen solution.Effective customer service to help with invoices and quotes

Also make sure that the publisher of the chosen solution is a reputable company. Indeed, you will entrust them with your data and your activity will depend on the quality of its service. You must therefore make sure that the editor:

  • has efficient servers in France,
  • that it has a data backup policy,
  • that he has a responsive customer service in the event of a problem,
  • and that it gives you the possibility to recover your data at any time without conditions.


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