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The guide to inventory management in 10 minutes per day

Unchanging, inventory software for small business is essential for hair salons and beauty institutes to best meet customer needs. Here are some rules and ideas to better optimize this required passage.

Be rigorous and equip yourself with the right tools!

One observation: at each year-end, it’s the same thing! Normally, the stock inventory is simple: starting stock + purchases – products used or sold = arrival stock (the products being valued at the purchase price excluding tax). Except… that rarely matches the statement made in the reserve! Hence a tendency for last-minute “tinkering” to get back on your feet.

Choosing Alfa Cybernetics means stepping into the digital world with a secure checkout system that will save you precious time managing your inventory. It offers an optimized cost for the salon, a more detailed analysis of the stocks and an easier physical inventory. So, rather than viewing inventory management as the specter of the next nightmare, it pays to remember that this is a great indicator of how your living room is progressing, the precise “snapshot” of your management. Smile!

Centralize and computerize your inventory management

Many salons and institutes advocate centralized responsibility. The winning formula? Carry out an inventory with a single privileged interlocutor per show who oversees and checks everything. And for the replenishment of technical products? Ideally, the person you trust can work together with the colorist for a consistent and consistent result.

Henceforth, in the majority of salons, computer software, of which Alfa Cybernetics holds a predominant place to record deliveries (stock entries) and uses (stock withdrawals) which are controlled automatically. It definitely remains the “super tool” which allows professionals to know, in real time, the state of their stocks, to save time, but which does not exempt from flawless organization. Each order is marked upon delivery, and then recorded in the Alfa cybernetics software.

While computerization is not yet the choice of all trade fairs, it nevertheless avoids poor inventory management and overstocking by setting alert thresholds. As soon as a minimum level of products on a reference is reached, the system alerts the professional. Regular points remain essential in order to make the necessary adjustments and anticipate future orders.

From the keyboard where the products are recorded to the sorting option, nothing is left to chance … Maniacs, hairdressers? Obviously we do not count a bottom of the pot. On the other hand, half-opened products must also appear on the inventory. Ditto for the products used during training, the shampoos offered to loyal customers, the new spray distributed to employees.

Create annual appointments for your stock management

Why take care of the stock inventory? It is part of the show’s heritage, and as such must appear on the assets side of the balance sheet. Second, it is well known, because it is one of the means of controlling the activity used by the tax authorities. More precisely, its agents have “coefficients” giving the measure of normal consumption of products in relation to turnover. If the numbers deviate too much, further scrutiny threatens.

But that’s not all! Above all, it allows you to measure the quality of your inventory management. Because the amount of inventory weighs directly on cash, which is another asset item on the balance sheet. However, certain hairdressers or beauticians, by an excess of stocks, strain their cash which is found almost to zero. They risk losing money in financial overdrafts. And everyone knows that for a small business, cash is the crux of the matter. The inventory also allows you to know if there are not too many products used, or even theft…


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