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How to pair your clothes: our advice

This is the dilemma of many who spend long minutes in front of the closet every morning: how to match your ready to wear women clothing with each other? Big Mustache shows you how to dress in colors that go together!

The basic rules for matching clothes

Small plastic arts course

Do you remember the primary and secondary colors? But yes, you studied them during your drawing lessons in college! Well to match your clothes with each other, it’s all the same. The rule is: do not wear primary colors with other primary colors, and secondary colors with other secondary colors! Basically, if you have a red T-shirt, avoid the blue or yellow jacket, and you will be fine!

The incompatible ones: to be avoided urgently

There are sometimes combinations that are prohibited in the eyes of society, such as wearing socks with sandals for example. To match your clothes together, certain combos should also be avoided urgently! For example, black and brown are not meant to be combined…

Indeed, the mixture has a muddy aspect not very casual. In the same order, forget the red / orange or yellow / orange, and leave aside the purple / green, which would give you an air of joker not really jojo!

The (not very) sure value: multicolored clothes

Want to look like a Skittles-loving unicorn threw up on you? Multicolored and colorful outfits are made for you! Otherwise, and if your goal is to match your clothes, don’t eat that bread.

How to dress well

Match your clothes to your pants

Black pants: the jackpot!

Are you wearing black pants? Jackpot! Almost everything goes with the darker of colors except brown, as you may have guessed. In short, with black pants, you can sleep soundly: errors of taste are unlikely.

Navy blue: very nice too

Not bad as a color, navy blue! Already, it’s the classic color for jeans, and then it’s pretty cool as a shade. Like black, most colors will work well with it. Why not opt ​​for a little white shirt?

Light blue or beige: really cool

For light blue and beige, it’s more or less the same: banish flashy or fluorescent shades at all costs! Yes, the shades are already quite basic dress, no need to add a layer; it would make an explosive cocktail…

Green and red: not bad at all!

Very nice also as a choice, red and green! As with light blue and beige, green and red have roughly the same rules and restrictions: black, white, gray or blue will work very well with your pants. When it comes to shoes, avoid shades that are too eccentric! These shades are already quite original, so don’t overdo it, you’d be going overboard…

You now have all the basics to match your clothes in between. Ready to show it off?


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