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Inner thig Workout

Balance is significant in any exercise schedule, and it’s particularly indispensable in lower-body programming. For …

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Inner thig Workout

Balance is significant in any exercise schedule, and it’s particularly indispensable in lower-body programming. For …

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How to dress when you are little?

Are you small and want to put an end to the hassle of dressing? Here are my tips for highlighting your assets, with pieces to favor and those to avoid.

Finding adult clothes that fit your size and that enhance your figure is a daily challenge. Sometimes we have to considerably shorten a garment, the sleeves, and the length, even at the waist. These alterations risk completely distorting the spirit of the garment, and of course all of this costs a fortune.

Fortunately, many solutions exist. I wanted to share my experience with all the women who are in the same situation.

As you know, I am passionate about everything related to the well-being of women.

This is what prompted me to train to become an image consultant. This allows me to share my tips with anyone who needs them. Myself, I am 1.57 m tall. I have spent years finding solutions, tips to feel good about myself and my clothes.

How to choose clothes?

Prefer clothes with a simple cut, clothes with vertical lines. If you like prints opt for the more discreet, small patterns for example with small flowers or small dots and avoid large flashy prints, ditto for the horizontal stripes.

If you like stripes, vertical stripes will perfectly lengthen your figure. If you want to take things a step further, the “Makeover On Your Own” book can help you transform your style, to feel beautiful, desirable and confident, just in a few days.

What dresses and skirts to wear when you’re little?

Choose short models above the knees, this gives an optical effect that adds length to the legs.

When you’re little and want to wear a long dress, it’s better to wear it with ballet flats or heeled sandals than with pumps or closed boots. I’ll explain why.

It’s just because the long dress worn by a woman with a petite waist and high heels gives too much of a difference.

The ideal shoes that you can wear with a maxi dress are ballet flats because they’ll let you appear a bit of skin on the tops of your feet when you walk, and it makes you look taller visually. If you don’t like ballet flats, wear heeled or flat-soled sandals.

Opt for a long dress, high waist and well fitted, which covers the ankles and feminize your look with beautiful accessories, a long necklace or earrings, a bracelet, a beautiful lipstick, beautiful glasses, things that catch the eye somewhere other than your waist.

Pants style when you’re little.

For the pants for women online New York, when we are small, we put on the high waist pants, the 7 / 8th pants that reach just above the ankle. Just roll up some pants you have to show off the ankle a bit, it lengthens the leg and you will look taller.

Slim jeans that refine and lengthen the silhouette. Boot Cut jeans worn with heels are also recommended. However, avoid wearing wide pants, capris and low-rise jeans, which compress your figure.

Coats for small size

Choose a style that sits below the buttocks or mid-thigh, and fits snugly to your body to appear taller. Avoid loose fitting clothes that are too flared, they give the impression that the silhouette is tight.

Avoid too thick fur collars; rather prefer small and flat collars. Or, direct your choice to a collarless coat, then add a nice scarf in silk, fur or wool, depending on the season.

As for jackets, the recommended length is just above the buttocks. This is to give the impression of a longer leg.


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Department of Gynecology and Andrology


Objective and definition

This intervention consists of examining under general anesthesia the inside of the abdominal cavity and in particular the genitals (uterus, ovaries, tubes) using a camera of a few millimeters, introduced through an incision at the level of the umbilicus.

Other infracentimetric incisions are made in the supra-pubic region to introduce fine instruments to perform the surgery.

The first goal of laparoscopy is to establish a diagnosis which makes it possible to look for an abnormality undetectable by other means (endometriosis or adhesions) or to confirm the suspected diagnosis by other examinations (ultrasound or clinical examination). Multiple interventions can be performed by laparoscopy:

Unilateral or bilateral oophorectomy which involves the removal of one or both ovaries. Removing an ovary if the other ovary left in place is normal does not affect the regularity of cycles.

Ovarian cystectomy which consists of the removal of a cyst present in the ovary while preserving it.

Salpingectomy which consists of the removal of the uterine tube, especially in the event of a blocked tube following an infection (hydrosalpinx) or sometimes during an ectopic pregnancy.

Uni or bilateral adnexectomy. The appendix consists of the proboscis and the ovary located on the same side.

Salpingitis or infection of the internal genital organs (uterus, ovaries, and tubes): in the face of a suspicion of peritonitis, laparoscopy makes it possible to specify the origin of the infection (appendix, genitals, other …). If an abscess is visualized, surgical drainage of it will speed healing. Antibiotic treatment will be initiated.

Ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy located outside the cavity of the uterus (most often in the tube): if GEU is suspected, laparoscopy can confirm this diagnosis. Depending on the location of the GEU, tube preservation may be attempted (salpingotomy) or salpingectomy should be performed. Other locations of GEU are rare but can occur and require specific treatment. Your blood type must be communicated to the doctor.

  • Myomectomy (resection of one or more uterine fibroids)
  • Tubal reanastomosis: re-opening of the tube after tubal ligation (see sheet)
  • Tubal plasty or salpingoneostomy: reopening of a blocked fallopian tube (see sheet)
  • Hysterectomy: removal of the uterus via abdominal hysterectomy instrument set
  • Prolapse cure (cfr sheet)

Lymphadenectomy: the excision of lymph nodes located in the pelvis and along the aorta as part of an extension workup or treatment of gynecological cancers.

Side effects of the intervention

If you have not gone through menopause and the ovaries or at least one ovary is left in place, its function will persist until natural menopause. There will therefore be no symptoms of menopause directly after the procedure.

If you are not menopausal and both ovaries are removed during the operation, it will therefore lead to menopause and you may have symptoms, such as hot flashes… Replacement medical treatment could be discussed with your gynecologist.

If you have already gone through menopause, removing your ovaries will not have any particular side effects afterwards.

In the event of bilateral salpingectomy, no spontaneous pregnancy may be possible. If you want to become pregnant, medically assisted procreation such as in vitro fertilization should be discussed with your gynecologist.

In the event of a unilateral salpingectomy, if the tube and ovary on the other side are normal, spontaneous pregnancy may well be considered.

If you have been operated on for a GEU with conservative treatment (salpingotomy), you will be offered monitoring of the decrease in the pregnancy hormone. This is to check by a weekly blood test that the pregnancy blood test becomes negative again. In the event of unfavorable evolution of the blood test, medical treatment may be instituted. In rare cases, a second surgery is sometimes necessary.

In case of myomectomy, pregnancy should be avoided for 3 months in order to allow proper healing of the uterus. If the myomectomy scar is deep or multiple, a cesarean section will be indicated for subsequent pregnancies.


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Inner thig Workout

Inner thig Workout

Balance is significant in any exercise schedule, and it’s particularly indispensable in lower-body programming. For example, fitting in an internal thigh exercise is key since it makes balanced strength between your inward thigh muscles (your hip adductors) and your external hip muscles (your hip abductors).

“You need to have a balance between the inward thigh muscles and the external thigh muscles to help settle your pelvis,” ACE-confirmed fitness coach  proprietor of Strong with Sivan in Baltimore.  “Your hip adductors, alongside some different muscles, balance out the hip, however on the off chance that you don’t have adequate strength in each muscle or appropriate terminating in the muscle, at that point you can create issues.” And that precariousness, she says, can have a domino impact all through your body, potentially prompting issues like lower back agony.

In a perfect world, you’d remember exercises for your normal that challenge your external thighs (like this hip abductor exercise) and your internal thighs, similar to the inward thigh exercise Fagan made beneath. As a boost, you principally work your external thighs when you bring your legs from your body (by stealing your hips), and you challenge your internal thighs when you get your legs to the midline of your body (by adducting your hips).

In the inward thigh exercise underneath, you’ll work your hip adductors with two supersets, the two of which start with a compound move—an activity that works huge muscle gatherings—and end with a seclusion move. Compound moves are significant on the grounds that they give you the greatest value for your money, testing an entire host of muscles including your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, just as your internal thigh muscles, Fagan says.


With these compound moves—the sumo squat and the sidelong thrust—you’ll be working your hip adductors with an offbeat withdrawal, or the bit of a move when your muscle is extending, says Fagan. With the confinement moves, you’ll be working your internal thigh muscles with a concentric withdrawal, or when your muscle is shortening.

Prepared to develop some balanced lower-leg fortitude? Prepare to check this inward thigh exercise out.

  • The Workout
  • What you’ll require: A moderate-to-substantial hand weight and an activity tangle for comfort.
  • The Exercises
  • Superset 1
  • Sumo squat
  • Side-lying internal thigh raise
  • Superset 2
  • Sidelong rush
  • Reversed thigh opener
  • Headings


  1. Sumo Squat


Remain with your feet more extensive than shoulder-width separated, toes turned out around 45 degrees. Hold one load with two hands toward one side so it’s hanging vertically. (To accomplish more prominent profundity with your squat, you can likewise hold the free weight by the two finishes on a level plane.) This is the beginning position.

Twist your knees and push your hips back as you lower down into a squat.

Drive through your heels to re-visitation of standing and press your glutes at the top. That is 1 rep.

Complete 10-12 reps.

Lie on one side with your legs out straight and stacked on top of one another and your middle level on the tangle or propped…

Brianne Wills

2. Side-Lying Inner Thigh Raise

Lie on one side with your legs out straight and stacked on top of one another and your middle level on the tangle or propped up on your lower arm.

Get your top leg over your base leg, twisting at the knee so your top foot is before your base knee.

Lift your base leg toward the roof in a moderate and controlled development. Keep your middle stable all through. Re-visitation of start. This is 1 rep.

Complete 15-20 reps, at that point switch sides.

Individual doing horizontal jump

Kelsey McClellan

3. Sidelong Lunge


Remain with your feet together, hands at your sides. (For a more prominent test, you can hold a hand weight evenly at your chest.) This is the beginning position.


Make a major stride (around 2 feet) out to one side. At the point when your foot hits the floor, pivot forward at your hips, push your butt back, and twist your left knee to lower into a rush.

Respite briefly, and afterward push off your left leg to re-visitation of the beginning position. That is 1 rep.

Complete 12-15 reps on one side, at that point rehash with the other leg.

Picture may contain Human Person Footwear Clothing Apparel Shoe Exercise Sport Sports Working Out and Fitness

Brianne Wills


4. Reversed Thigh Opener


Lie on your back with your knees bowed and feet level on the floor. Lift your correct advantage, keeping your thighs contacting, and expand your advantage toward the roof.

Gradually lower your correct leg out to the correct side as far as possible while holding your hips and lower back stuck to the floor.

Take your leg back to begin. That is 1 rep. Do however many reps as could be allowed on that side, halting before your structure starts to vacillate. At that point switch sides.for more info visit out website





Business look for women

Basic rules for a business look

We start with the rules which are the same for women and men. Concretely this means that instead of wearing multicolored clothes, clothes with dark colors should be preferred without a lot of patterns. Regarding materials, natural fibers should be preferred over synthetic fibers because of the smell.

Women usually choose a chic suit or a pantsuit with a blouse. When it comes to a dress or skirt, the hem should always be close to your knees – never shorter than a hand’s width above the knee. In addition, the costume skirt should not be too tight and should not make folds when standing. The skirt or dress goes well with skin-colored tights and pumps on the feet. Bare legs, on the other hand, are taboo. To get an idea of ​​the different models of professional work clothes, take a look at this guide.

Blouse and Blazer

The shirts for women UAE or a blouse is classic and plain. Make sure your clothes fit well too. A blouse that stretches across your chest and has the button already dangerously close to exploding isn’t really beneficial. Even pants that are too tight under which the briefs come off don’t look good. Wear clothes that fit you.

Choose a fabric for the blouse that does not wrinkle quickly. When purchasing, check that the fabric does not wrinkle quickly.

A stylish blazer or jacket: On less formal occasions, women can also wear t-shirts under their blazer. But be careful not to remove the blazer if you choose a t-shirt. Long-sleeved blouses are more practical to wear with a blazer because the sleeves are not in direct contact with the skin. Washing a blouse is faster than cleaning a blazer.

Jewelry and makeup

In order to leave a competent and sympathetic impression, choose jewelry and makeup that is rather discreet and natural. The rule that applies here: Don’t overdo it!

Hand bag or briefcase?

Briefcases or laptop bags have also emerged among women. Even though cell phones, money, and makeup aren’t need to be put in a briefcase. Women can have a purse and a briefcase with them. But the handbag should match your outfit. A sporty backpack never goes well with a classic suit.


With both feet on the ground, you give an impression of certainty. For this, the investment in good leather shoes is worth it.

Attention: Sneakers with a suit are only suitable for young companies.

In principle, classic shoes are common in most companies. If they look Italian or British, you’re on the right track. With black, brown or gray shoes you can’t go wrong. For women, the heel should not exceed six centimeters.

The result depends on the personal style

Of course, the dress style differs from industry to industry, but one rule applies in every one of work for men and women: Wear appropriate, well-groomed and well-fitting clothing. Those who are not quite sure what the right clothing is for the workplace can simply orient themselves to the dress style of employees at the same hierarchical level and above.

However, the best wardrobe doesn’t make a good impression if you don’t feel comfortable. It is therefore very important that you find your personal style, because charisma is linked to “well-being”.


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‘Men’s Beauty Introductory Item’ for men who want to be Handsome

‘Men’s Beauty Introductory Item’ for men who want to become handsome. What if a man is troubled by a tingling scalp? If you need to apply sunscreen but are worried about the cloudy phenomenon! Men’s skincare for the first time Men’s beauty products is recommended for men who have a lot of troubles about which cosmetics to choose!! Meet at Shopping Live now and buy face cream for men.

Face Cream

Q. I wash my hair with soap, but these days my scalp keeps itchy and itchy. I want to properly care for the scalp, but please recommend shampoo.

Beauty Buyer “It’s rare to wash your hair with soap, but men, when they are young or in the military, when only soap is given to wash, from face to head with only one soap! It’s really quick and easy to wash with the idea of ​​showering with bubbles coming down from your head, but soap is not recommended.”

“The first solution product is Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo. I tried it too, how did everyone? It was a cool product that I used, especially in the summer, and there is a lot of oil on the hair of men. For men suffering from oily scalp, I highly recommend it because of the mint ingredient, it has a really cool feeling. It has a cool feeling, and the oil is controlled, so it is a product that can be used casually in the summer. The scent is also very good.

Q. What ingredients do you have?

Beauty Buyer “Basically, it contains rosemary leaf and mint leaf extract. Face cream for men overall lines use natural aromas and natural surfactants, and they use more than 94% of naturally derived ingredients. This is a very good brand that irritates the scalp. I think you can see it as a product that has such an ingredient that it does not have and can give a feeling of cooling.

Q. Men use a lot of hair styling products. He also brought tips for such people today.

Beauty Buyer “Usually speaking of Aveda, you only know shampoo and hair conditioner, but sprays are also very popular. So, the spray product I brought is Face cream for men. Actually, it is an item that our department store employees use a lot. In the case of this product, first of all, it is a product that is very kind and cleansed, so I often repurchase it, and it is a product with excellent fixation even though the ingredient is mild. Usually, the spray has a really strong scent. It has a natural scent. I heard that the reverberation is really good. Men say that if you apply wax or spray, the scalp is really itchy, but it is a natural ingredient that does not itchy the scalp. Especially, it is a product that has a strong point of being too clean when washing.”

Q. I usually don’t apply something on my face because it’s annoying, but my face is getting too tight these days. Is there a product that makes the skin look like you care with just one application? Or, if you have a skin or lotion that doesn’t make it shiny, please recommend it.

Beauty Buyer “Like the person who gave this story, it seems that men don’t like applying various products in stages. In the case of men, there are many people who consider applying various products itself cumbersome, and we are usually moist, “There are many people who hate to apply various things and hate sticky things because men sometimes feel cramped at the level of moisturizing feeling.”

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Chic women’s jumpsuit: to shine in society

By wearing the right jumpsuit with the perfect waist for women, we can really make a statement in our outfit. There are so many models of wetsuits that can suit all types of female body. Women’s jumpsuits come in different body types, making it easy for every woman to choose the one that suits her style.

If the idea of ​​wearing a jumpsuit appeals to you, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing your next jumpsuit. Choosing a well-fitting, long-sleeved womens jumpsuit that makes your figure look sleek and elegant is a great investment. Combining the inexpensive playsuit with the right accessories in moderation can help us create a chic, trim waistline outfit that will steal the show.

How to choose your combination?

To find the chic womens jumpsuit, you have to take a few criteria into consideration. To help you find the short sleeve or long sleeve playsuit with a fitted waist, here are some things to consider when shopping for a jumpsuit:


The first thing on the list is where we’ll be wearing the jumpsuit. We have to decide if we are planning to attend a special event, a party or if we need the versatile pantsuits with the perfect size and with a collar for everyday use.

Once we’ve decided on an overall style for your playsuit, we can continue to focus on details like the sleeves. Either way, don’t forget to put on a belt so that your jumpsuit with collar will be just exceptional. It is a very fashionable accessory for a woman.

You can alternate it with lace or printed dresses. When shopping for the women’s jumpsuits UAE, compare to find the gem.


The next thing to consider is the weather conditions and what is the most suitable playsuit for us in this case. A women’s long-sleeved jumpsuit is a must in cold weather while the strapless short overalls will help us survive the summer heat.

If we are tall, a good option for us are wide leg wetsuits that end just above the floor. This type of short sleeve or long sleeve jumpsuit will be really flattering for your figure and contribute to a stylish look. Either way, don’t forget the belt to amaze your outfit and your look. This low cost women’s jumpsuit is essential for your jumpsuit with collar.

Where to find wet suits for women?

Wearing a white jumpsuit has become a staple trend with women. This is why we find the playsuit in most online stores. Eh yes! Today, you can find jumpsuits for women with collars in many stores, and at low prices. Find just the black jumpsuit or playsuit that best suits your needs and your taste. Don’t forget the belt to add extra beauty to your style. This jumpsuit is very fashionable for a woman.

To find the perfect khaki jumpsuit, without spending a lot of money, it is always important to make the jumpsuit comparison, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of the quality of this long-sleeved, full-size playsuit. . The jumpsuit is perfect for breaking the routine with lace or print dresses. Don’t hesitate to go shopping for the women’s jumpsuit for a night out.

What accessories can I wear my suit with?

White accessories will always look amazing with the low cost playsuit! A pearl necklace with the same bracelet and stunning white open-toed shoes is the perfect solution for any occasion. The black strapless bustier jumpsuit, attached to the waist of the pants or your playsuit with a brown leather belt, looks cool with high heels, dark glasses, classic makeup and shiny nail art.

Add a belt for a perfect look with your jumpsuit at a low price. Like lace or printed dresses, these items are also very fashionable.

A black high neck playsuit will create a classic style, with black high heel shoes and a gold bracelet. If you want to create a romantic style, add a belt at the waist of your pants or your jumpsuit, glasses, a ring, shoes and fuchsia jewelry to your strapless jumpsuits with sabs collar.

Try to experiment with your combi! And then the black denim jumpsuit will be, for you, the most favorite thing in the wardrobe. Don’t forget the inexpensive belt to mark the waist. Indeed, the belt is one of the items that add a final touch to your jumpsuit, whether in the evening or during the day at work.

Thanks to these elements, your jumpsuit with collar at a low price will be extraordinary. So start buying this piece to look beautiful in the evening.


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Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery 

Laparoscopic Gynae Surgery 

Laparoscopic InstrumentsDifferent medical procedures performed with the assistance of a laparoscopy – a small review instrument controlled by fiber-optics – are accessible to keep up the female conception framework’s strength. 

The absolute first laparoscopic surgery was proceeded as right on time as 1901. It was not until the 1990s that negligibly obtrusive laparoscopic-supported methods were brought into endovascular, urological, gynecological, and heart surgery. Over the most recent 50 years, laparoscopic instruments came from being utilized for just symptomatic systems and survey to performing life-changing medical procedures. 

Today, laparoscopic-helped systems are utilized to treat: 

  • Endometriosis 
  • Evacuation of ectopic pregnancy 
  • Hysterectomy 
  • Evacuation of ovarian blisters 

These conditions are related to a great deal of physiological and mental aggravation and torment. 

Notwithstanding treating diseases, for example, the ones referenced above, laparoscopic surgery is additionally utilized for tubal ligation and different non-gynecologic methodology. 

For example, laparoscopic strategies, diagnostics, and medical procedures to treat the hidden causes are useful because they are insignificantly intrusive and profoundly precise. Since fine instruments, little cuts, and exact developments are utilized in laparoscopic surgery, the patient requires impressively fewer medications for relief from discomfort. Post-usable recuperation is quicker and smoother. 

The utilization of laparoscopic surgery is on the ascent in present-day times. Here’s a gander at a portion of the significant ones: 

Lap Ovarian Cystectomy: It is the expulsion of blisters from either of the ovaries. The arrangement of growths eventually in the life of a female is very typical. A few pimples vanish all alone. On different occasions, they meddle with monthly cycles or origination or cause torment during intercourse or your period. Such spots can be taken out through a minor cut on the midsection. 

Lap Endometriosis: Endometriosis is related to agonizing, substantial periods, and frequently, barrenness. Laparoscopic surgery to treat endometriosis utilizes a little camera embedded through a cut in the mid-region. The mid-region is expanded using gas to permit a good view. After choosing the treatment method, the specialist utilizes lasers, power, or a freezing cycle to devastate the endometrioma.

This is a pimple or cells of the endometrium that develop outside the uterus, perhaps on the ovary or in fallopian tubes. Evacuation of the scar tissue and congested cells or growths is called extraction of the endometriosis. With insignificant developments and without hurting the neighboring solid cells, laparoscopic endometriosis permits the specialist to treat endometriosis. It very well may be utilized close by chemical treatment. 

Lap Surgery for Ectopic pregnancy: When pregnancy – to be exact, the implantation of the undeveloped organism – occurs inside the fallopian tube, it isn’t suitable. The hatchling won’t endure, and it can prompt discharging, conceivably getting dangerous to the lady. To treat an ectopic pregnancy, laparoscopic surgery is suggested when treatment through chemicals or other medicine is preposterous or has fizzled. A cannula mounted with a miniature camera is embedded into the mid-region close to or beneath the navel. The treated cells are then taken out. The specialist additionally hopes to fix or eliminate the harmed part of the fallopian tube. That is alluded to as salpingectomy or salpingostomy, relying upon whether the cylinder must be eliminated inside and out or fixed to some extent to stem the break and dying. 

Lap Sacro colpopexy: Sacral colpopexy alludes to the careful fix of an organ that has prolapsed or fallen down in the pelvis. This surgery is needed to keep the bladder’s working, digestive organs, and the sacral projection unblemished. 

It can address the prolapse of the vaginal dividers, cervix, or uterus in ladies of cutting edge age. This methodology permits the specialist to fix the prolapsed partitions of the vaginal vault, vaginal sleeve, or the vaginal summit. Further, it looks to recreate and improve the pelvic district’s regular anatomic help, so all bladder and entrail stay unaffected. Laparoscopic Sacro colpopexy is favored over stomach surgery as the last is less obtrusive and permits the patient to recuperate all the more without any problem. 

The systems portrayed above can help you at various phases of life by improving your regenerative, gynecologic, or non-gynecologic wellbeing. for more information visit out blog

How to wear the jumpsuit to a wedding?

Marriage is a big event that we look forward to. However, it’s always a puzzle to find the outfit to spend the day with! To mark the occasion, Hola Amor Jump suit specialists will help you find your nugget to make this day unforgettable.

The women’s jumpsuits UAE is more and more present in the essential fashions and we see this article more and more at weddings. Stylish for any occasion, today we want to wear the jumpsuit at weddings.

Whether you are the bride-to-be, the bridesmaid or the guest, we give you all the advice on how to wear this creative jewel. The goal is to bring a touch of originality to the usual outfits that we are used to seeing at weddings.

For the bride

That’s it, it’s the big day! But there is one step the bride-to-be cannot escape: choosing her outfit!

While some run for the traditional wedding dress, others want to think outside the box by adopting the jumpsuit.

Opting for the jumpsuit both allows you to stand out but it is also a good alternative for ladies who are not comfortable in a dress. Practical and chic, the jumpsuit is increasingly making its place in weddings.

The perfect time to wear it; It is the passage to the town hall of course.

This strong item adapts to all tastes: Models with sleeves, play suits for those who prefer short pieces for the summer, sublime halter models, V necklines, flared or straight pants, lace, ruffles or even satin. From the very chic jumpsuit to the simpler piece unearthed on the internet, future brides are spoiled for choice when it comes to cut and budget.

However, be careful to choose your combination according to your body type. For the older ones, you can afford just about anything. Fluid materials are still preferred to make your outfit a little more feminine.

For the little ones (like me), in summer it is quite possible to opt for a play suit even for your own wedding!

For the maid of honor

For the bridesmaid, it is also a great moment to choose her outfit! This is a great responsibility … First of all; you have to adapt your outfit according to your body type, the theme of the wedding and the wishes of the bride!

If you don’t want to turn the bride on your back and flop, first avoid solid white and colors that approach it.

You can choose bold colors: pastel colors, very trendy at the moment like pale pink and sky blue, will bring a glamorous side to the outfit.

Black or navy is your choice for a very chic side. Otherwise, you can opt for prints for a very fresh look.

So convinced? We are in any case seduced by the combinations for a wedding. There is no photo as they say, it is classy and contemporary.

This gives us some ideas for our next creations… When, in your opinion, Hola Amor special wedding jumpsuit? Do you like it?


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Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair is your ‘delegated wonder’ that adds to your character and style. Be that as it may, the utilization of unlimited items, styling, absence of support, horrible eating routine, nature of water, and age negatively affect your hair wellbeing.

Losing roughly 50-100 strands of hair daily or during a storm is no biggie except for over the top hair loss is a disturbing circumstance that needs prompt consideration. Along these lines, if you also are confronting over the full hair fall with no clear explanation, this blog is for you.

the explanation behind hair fall

Hair Loss Symptoms: How Much is Too Much?

The inquiry is what amount of hair fall is ordinary, and when would it be a good idea for you to begin stressing? If you lose more than 80-100 strands or 10% of your hair and haven’t seen a diminishing in hair loss even following 7 two months, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to get some assistance. So, on the off chance that you are continually getting strands of hair from your shirt or the shower channel is stopped continuously up with hair, it’s an indication that something isn’t right.

Explanations behind Hair Fall

Before you change to some costly hair care items, it’s essential to uncover in profound to discover the reasons for hair fall.

You Use Hard Water

A typical reason for unnecessary hair fall that numerous individuals are unconscious of is utilizing hard water. The unreasonable measure of calcium and magnesium present in hard water leads to dandruff, dryness, and hair loss. Hard water obliterates the hair follicles, making them dry, fuzzy, and fragile, prompting hair breakage and hair loss.

You Follow a Poor Diet

An appropriate eating regimen isn’t only necessary to remain sound yet; besides, keep up your hair growth. A horrible eating routine irreparably affects your skin and hair. As you age, your body delivers less Vitamin E, which is essential for solid hair and skin, subsequently prompting hair loss.

You Use Excessive Heating Products

Fixing or blow-drying your hair sometimes is okay. Nonetheless, excessive twisting or fixing can be unnecessarily harmful to your hair. The warming medicines impact your hair follicles, bringing about loss of dampness.

You Take a Lot of Stress

There is an immediate connection between stress and hair fall. The absence of rest, insane work routine negatively affect your hair wellbeing. Thus, on the off chance that you have unnecessary hair fall with no explanation, you might be incredibly focused, and there is a need to change your way of life.

You Have Anemia

Around 1 out of 10 ladies matured between 20-49 years experience frailty’s ill effects because of iron insufficiency. This is one of the fundamental reasons for hair loss among ladies. Notwithstanding, weakness is an effectively fixable hair loss issue.

You Have Hypothyroidism

An underactive thyroid is likewise one reason for hair loss. The thyroid produces significant chemicals that are fundamental in keeping up your digestion, growth, and advancement. When the organ doesn’t work appropriately and can’t siphon out enough chemicals, it prompts hair loss.

You have Alopecia

An auto-resistant problem, alopecia areata, influences the hair follicles, promoting hair loss. The condition similarly affects people. Although the reason for Alopecia is obscure, it could be set off by some sort of ailment or stress.

Solutions for Hair Fall

Instructions to control hair fall

If you also encounter unnecessary hair loss, here are some successful hair fall arrangements that can help you control the circumstance generally.

Check your Water Quality

One of the typical reasons for hair loss that the more significant part of you administer is water nature. Hard water can cause irreversible harm to your hair. The exorbitant measure of calcium, magnesium, and salts present in rigid water structure a layer on your hair strands, which dries out your hair. At the point when your hair isn’t washed appropriately, the buildup gathers on your scalp prompting dandruff and breakage. Likewise, hard water has a high pH level, which charges your hair adversely, bringing about erosion and breakage. Hard water has a pH level of 8.5, while the pH level of your hair is 3.5.

Utilize a hard Water Softener to control hair fall

In the wake of getting the water quality tried, if you discover that you get hard water, it’s an ideal opportunity to introduce a water conditioner to forestall hair fall. The best way to manage the challenging water issue and save your hair from over the top harm is by utilizing delicate water.

Follow a Proper Diet

Notwithstanding the water quality, it is critical to follow a solid eating routine. Ensure you incorporate significant nutrients and proteins in your eating regimen to evade hair fall. Eat nourishments that are stacked with proteins, nutrients E, iron, biotin, and zinc. Nourishments plentiful in Vitamin An advance sebum creation, while Vitamin E improves blood flow and keeps the hair follicles profitable. Lean meat, soy, and fish advance hair wellbeing and furthermore control hair loss.

Utilize a Mild Shampoo

Rather than utilizing shampoos stacked with synthetic substances, go for normal and natural shampoos. Routinely washing your hair with a gentle cleanser keeps your scalp clean, subsequently decreasing the danger of diseases and dandruff. At the point when your scalp is spotless, it reduces the odds of hair loss. oil for hair loss

Remember more Protein for your Diet.

The absence of protein is additionally an explanation of hair loss. This is the motivation behind why you need to remember a great deal of protein for your eating regimen on the off chance that you have a hair fall issue. Eat a ton of lean meat, fish, soy, and different types of proteins to diminish hair loss and advance hair growth.

Normal Oil Massage

Oiling your hair has a ton of advantages. Ensure you blend fundamental oils, for example, lavender, castor, and almond oils. Back rub your scalp at any rate for 15 minutes. Massaging your scalp improves the blood dissemination, along these lines decreasing the odds of hair loss.

Try not to Brush Wet Hair.

Your hair is exceptionally frail when it’s wet. Brushing wet hair expands the odds of hair loss. Be that as it may, you should brush damp hair on the off chance and utilize a wide-toothed brush to stay away from breakage. Furthermore, don’t brush your hair too habitually as it can harm hair and increment hair loss.

Stay Hydrated

One-fourth of the hair shaft contains water, which is why it is essential to drink a great deal of water to evade hair loss. Ensure you drink in any event 3 liters of water for each day to remain hydrated and keep your hair sound.

Try not to Smoke

Smoking influences your wellbeing as well as prompts hair loss. Cigarettes diminish the measure of blood that streams to your scalp, along these lines influencing hair growth.


Practicing is the way to great hair. Contingent upon your inclination, you can swim, walk or hit the exercise center for in any event 30 minutes every day to adjust the chemical levels, lessen pressure and improve blood flow to decrease hair loss.

Try not to Rub your Hair.

Numerous individuals wrongly rub their hair just after scrubbing down. This propensity makes your hair dry as well as expands the odds of hair loss and breakage. Ensure you don’t rub your hair with a dry towel and let your hair dry naturally.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Hair shading or fixing your hair negatively affects your hair. On the off chance that you are now experiencing hair loss, ensure you don’t go through synthetic medicines as it might deteriorate the circumstance.

Keep your Scalp Sweat-Free

Oily hair prompts dandruff, particularly during summer because of perspiring. This likewise expands the odds of hair fall. Keep your scalp without sweat and clean by utilizing a gentle cleanser. You can use shampoos that have neem to keep your scalp clean and sans dandruff.

Utilize Home Made Hair Masks

Handmade hair veils are an excellent method to keep your hair reliable and forestall breakage. Utilize custom made hair covers produced using onion, beetroot, green tea, neem leaves, and natural products to keep up your hair sound and forestall breakage.

Evade Hot Water Bath

Hair is exceptionally fragile, so it is essential to evade unreasonably heated water to wash your hair. Boiling water takes away tone and enacts the oil-delivering organs. Utilize tepid water to weaken the discharge of oil organs and improve blood course.

Get Sufficient Sleep

The absence of rest influences your hair and skin. Ensure you get at any rate 7-8 hours of rest consistently, which will take care of large numbers of your hair issues.

Shield your Hair from Sun

The hurtful sun beams cause a ton of harm to your hair. The cruel sunbeams make your hair shaft fragile and dry, prompting hair to fall. Ensure you cover your hair when you go out to save your hair from sun harm.

Snappy Tip: Use a cap or leave-in conditioner to maintain a strategic distance from harm

Tie your Hair when Sleeping

This tip is convenient for individuals with long or medium length hair. Ensure you attach your hair when resting to keep your hair from being tangled or crimped. This will forestall hair breakage and hair loss.

Rub Green Tea

Green tea isn’t just useful for weight reduction yet; besides, it keeps your hair sound. Scouring green tea into hair may control hair loss issues. Blend two tea packs of green tea in some water and leave it to cool. Apply it to your hair to wash altogether.

Use Garlic, Onion or Ginger Juice

To stay away from hair fall:

  1. Rub garlic, onion, or ginger juice on your scalp.
  2. Leave it short-term and wash toward the beginning of the day.
  3. Try to follow this routine once per week for a perceptible outcome.


Stress prompts unreasonable hair fall. This is the motivation behind why you need to de-stress yourself to stay away from hair fall issues. Practice reflection and yoga to decrease pressure and, furthermore, reestablish your feeling of anxiety.

Some other Useful Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Try not to brush wet hair as it expands breakage.

Utilize a warmth protectant before utilizing a straightener or dryer

Try not to clean up as it harms the follicles of your hair.

Use hair items that have fewer synthetic substances.

Keep your scalp sans sweat.

Try not to avoid visiting a dermatologist if the difficulty perseveres


As you age, hair loss is somewhat unavoidable. Even though it is unimaginable to expect to forestall hair loss totally, there are sure estimates that you can use to forestall hair loss. Notwithstanding following the eating routine tips and utilizing the right hair care items, for more information visit our website

12 Office Outfit Ideas for Women

The office blouse

Now that we have laid the groundwork, Hola Amor invite you to discover 12 work look ideas for women.

The blouses for women UAE is a must-have for your office outfit, it adapts to any outfit and any style. Here it is completed with classic straight pants in the 2 photos. The mixture is simple, but works very well.

The office top

For tops, bet everything on the quality of the materials! On the left, we have a pretty sleeveless fluid top with a little lace. The lace here is not “too much”, it is precisely measured and the top is not particularly casual. This type of top pairs perfectly with a tailored jacket. Then on the right, we have a white round neck top with belt at the waist. While this top has a belt and that makes it a little quirky, it’s not too eccentric. This top remains a top with clean lines, it is very elegant.

Classic office pants

On the left, we have the very classic straight 7/8 pants. He always matches in office attire. It can be associated with any pair of shoes: pumps, moccasins, derbies, boots, ankle boots … On the right, we have a look that I particularly appreciate, because it is a little out of the ordinary. We have an outfit very elegant, but also very stylish which is perfect for the office. We have a tight high neck sweater, 7/8 flared pants, a pair of leather boots and a leather bag. This look is really cool for the office and even for everyday life.

The office skirt

The skirt will easily dress up any top. We can see on the left, a pretty summery office look. We have a white midi wrap skirt associated with an elegant fluid camisole. On the right, we are more on an autumn, winter look with this beige wool sweater associated with this short black straight skirt. The skirt is short, but the model is elegant, so if you complement your outfit with a pair of black opaque tights, it will be suitable for the office.

Office jeans

Contrary to what one might think, jeans are quite acceptable in some companies … As long as they are paired well! Opt for jeans with a little spandex for added comfort all day long. Also be sure to choose the right height at the waist.

Sometimes super high-waist jeans could compress your stomach all day, if you are mostly sitting. A mid-rise or normal waist will often be more comfortable at work. For the cut of the jeans, make according to your morphology of course and remain as sober as possible. A pretty boot cut, straight or slim jeans in black or dark blue will often be the best choice.

The office dress

The dress is naturally part of this selection of suitable clothing for work. Comfortable, elegant, it has everything to please. On the left, we have a very pretty navy blue straight dress completed with a pendant necklace which adds a plus to the outfit.

The dress is a bit short, but elegant, so in my opinion suitable for the job. In summer or spring, I invite you to associate this dress with a pair of shoes with small heels like moccasins. With a short dress (mid-thigh), avoid opting for high heels at the office. That’s why I offer a pair of moccasins to complete this look and a pair of black tights if needed.

On the right, we have a slightly longer straight dress (slightly above the knees) belted at the waist. It is also a very elegant model which here is associated with a pair of colorful pumps. For sunny days, this is a perfect outfit for work. In winter, you can go for the same style of dress, but prefer long sleeves instead. Then don’t hesitate to complete your look with a good pair of winter tights *, as well as a pair of boots or ankle boots and a warm and elegant woolen coat.

Work wear and body type

Obviously, for your work outfit to be truly elegant and rewarding for you, it must be perfectly suited to your body type. You can wear the prettiest office outfit, if it doesn’t fit you, it won’t work for you. Considering your figure and valuing it should always be a top priority when dressing.

Hope this article has you more and has given you a little more insight into how to dress at work. It’s not that complicated after all. You just need to adapt to your company’s dress codes and make sure you have neat work clothes that suit your body type.


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TRADITIONAL MOROCCAN WEDDING (according to ancestral custom)

I’m going to talk here about a traditional Moroccan wedding, where all ancestral customs are applied. In the past, all marriages were arranged and some families still respect this tradition. Usually the bride brought a dowry. The groom’s family must for its part pay the future bride’s family a large sum which will be used for the purchase of furniture for the bride and for household needs.

The wedding ceremonies, which usually take place in the summer, give rise to great celebrations. It is common for a married woman to keep her maiden name. The payment of the dowry marked the end of the engagement and the beginning of the wedding celebrations.

It was accompanied by the drafting of the contract. The date was fixed by the two fathers two or three weeks in advance, because invitations and preparations had to be made. There was a large lunch at both houses with a traditional menu: stuffed chickens, mutton with almonds and briwat.

Two notaries had been invited to the groom’s father, at the end of the meal; their host made them count in hard cash the agreed sum. They put her in bags to transport her to the girl’s father, escorted by two notaries and four or five trusted friends.

The father of the young girl is bound by custom, unless otherwise expressly stated in the contract, to spend for the establishment of the young household an amount at least equal (mithl) to that which he received as a dowry.

This not only constitutes the young girl’s trousseau itself, but also the furniture deemed necessary, given the social background of the young spouses. The payment of the dowry marked the end of the engagement and the beginning of the wedding celebrations.

It was accompanied by the drafting of the contract. The date was fixed by the two fathers two or three weeks in advance, because invitations and preparations had to be made. There was a large lunch at both houses with a traditional menu: stuffed chickens, mutton with almonds and briwat.

Two notaries had been invited to the groom’s father, at the end of the meal, their host made them count in hard cash the agreed sum. They put her in bags to transport her to the girl’s father, escorted by two notaries and four or five trusted friends. The father of the young girl is bound by custom, unless otherwise expressly stated in the contract, to spend for the establishment of the young household an amount at least equal (mithl) to that which he received as a dowry.

This not only constitutes the young girl’s trousseau itself, but also the furniture deemed necessary, given the social background of the young spouses.

Moroccan Wedding Suits

Fifteen days in advance, the young girl went to the bath every two nights for the seven ritual ablutions. The last session, which corresponded to the day before he entered the marital home, was marked by the Takbib ceremony (washing with buckets).

The bride arrived, escorted by relatives and friends. The employees of the bath (tayyabat) waited for her at the door and led her in procession to the most remote room, singing the praises of the Prophet and uttering ululations.

Two relatives were undressing the young girl who kept her eyes closed and her lips closed, for fear of the geniuses of the place. Seven buckets of lukewarm water were stored there.

The employees successively drew from each one by means of a container brought from Mecca (tasa mekkawiya) and poured the water on the head of the bride who, at the end of the ceremony, was now under the protection of the angels.

They dressed her in new clothes, it might include kaftans for women UAE and “they combed her with a sumptuous cloth embroidered in black (mharma).

The employees of the bath resumed their song. After having said the beauty of the young girl and reiterated the praises of the Prophet, they received some money, as well as the clothing worn by the young girl on her arrival and which she did not have to put on any more.

We can see that this was a rite of purification and passage: the young girl had just entered a new phase of her life, breaking completely with the past. The next day, or rather the following evening (because it was at the end of the day and during the night that almost all these ceremonies took place), was called kwaleb sghar. From five o’clock the patio was filled with elegant women who came to have tea.

The young girl remained behind her curtain with her best friends, her confidants who supported and encouraged her in this great trial. From that day on, and during all the ceremonies, two guests played a special role. They were two close relatives of the husband, recently married, who, unvarnished, but dressed like the bride, stood on either side of the door, inside the bridal room.

Each of them had at her disposal a matchmaker who helped her to dress.


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How to Start a Fashion Blog With The Help of These 8 Social Media Tips

So you’ve got killer style and a blog with trendy tips, but how do you showcase your style on social media? Developing a strong social media foundation for your fashion blogging brand is a key method for increasing traffic to your blog and creating a community of invested followers.

From taking the perfect Instagram photos to maximizing your captions’ potential, to easily integrating your social media with your website, this guide is a new fashion blogger’s roadmap to social media success.

how to start a fashion blog

Account Structure Tips for Fashion Bloggers

When planning your social media accounts as a whole, it’s important to ensure that potential followers understand who you are and what you offer them at the first glance. Followers shouldn’t have to, and oftentimes won’t bother to, dig through your Instagram posts to discover who you are and what your brand of fashion is like. Make it easy for them! Upon their first look at your social media account, they should be able to easily discover at least 3 special things you care about. They can be as insignificant as your favorite food, something subtle like your favorite fashion brand, or something as important as a cause you support. As long as it shows off who you are, that’s all that matters!

In your biography section, clearly list your “titles” or the areas you specialize in. This is a great place to shout out a unique quality you have that sets your account apart from other fashion bloggers. If you wear nothing but pink, vintage, or have a thing for certain print styles let people know! Here’s a breakdown for your social media biography:

  • Name: tells followers who you are
  • Titles/specializations: provides followers with more details for instance, why they might like you, and what your fashion sense is like
  • Location: optional, but could be relevant to your posts
  • Link: to your website, special media feature, or other accounts

Profile Photo Tips for Fashion Bloggers

As insignificant as it may seem, the profile photo on your Instagram blogger account or any other social media account can make a big impact for fashion bloggers looking to set themselves apart. Your profile photo is your primary representation on every social media platform. It appears on the notifications feed of every person you comment, like, or follow. This is essentially your first impression as a fashion blogger! To ensure that other fashion bloggers and fans are intrigued enough to click on your profile and follow along with you, try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The image should be of you on your best day, with hair and makeup indicative of styles and fashion you frequently wear.
  • Make sure to crop it so that your face is easy to see even when your icon is small. Collarbones to the top of your head is ideal.
  • Choose a high-quality image – your face should be crystal clear!
  • Keep it simple! Try to avoid going too crazy with fashion accessories or patterns as these will distract the eye from the main event which is your face!

fashion blogger profile pic

Fashion Blogger Instagram Tips for Stunning Post Photography

You might not realize it, but your favorite Instagram fashion blogger has taken a great deal of care when strategizing their posts on social media! Though it may seem easy and effortless, there are a few key qualities to consider when staging and taking photos for an Instagram fashion blog.

  • As an Instagram blogger, it’s important to mix it up. No one wants to see the exact same photo every time you post. Plan to take multiple “shot styles” and alternate posting them on Instagram and other social networks so that you never have the same shot twice in a row. Some examples to keep in mind are close up shots of you, full-body shots of you, close up shots of a product or detail, a wide shot of scenery, group shots of you with friends, etc.)
  • Try to stick to a color theme. Whatever your preferred colors maybe, pick a palette and try to stick to it! If you wear all kinds of different colors in your outfits, try to keep your backdrops, props, and fashion accessories within a cohesive palette to glue everything together. This strategy will make your Instagram blog feed more visually appealing.
  • Keep lighting consistent. Along the same lines as color theming, lighting can draw the eye positively or negatively. Whether you prefer darker or lighter edits, decide on a setting and maintain it for each post. Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for this as the app offers the option to save presets to cut down on editing time.

fashion Instagram blogger photography tips

Caption Tips for Fashion Bloggers

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the caption gives it an impact! A common misconception in the fashion blogging world is that since the focus is on the outfits, the captions don’t really matter. In reality, the caption section is your greatest opportunity to set your Instagram blog apart from the thousands of other fashion blogs out there. There are a lot of cute outfits in the world, but only one you with your thoughts and feelings. The caption section is where that part of you gets to shine. Here are a few tips on captions:

  • Share where your outfit pieces are from (and tag the shops and brands!)
  • Share what about the outfit you like and where you like to wear the outfit
  • Tell a personal story relating to the outfit, the location, or something that happened to you offline.
  • Ask your followers a question – this is a great way to increase your post engagement and get some insight into what your followers like.
  • Give your followers a challenge! Have them tag a friend, or complete an action and comment on their result. This makes your posts much more dynamic!

Hashtag Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to improve your visibility on social media (especially Instagram!). Hashtags act as a grouping system that makes it easy for users to find posts on a singular topic from around the world. When you click on a hashtag, it displays the most recent posts that included it in their caption or comment. When used strategically, hashtags can increase your traffic and potential follower conversions! Check out our easy step-by-step guide to finding and using hashtags most useful to your fashion Instagram account:

  • Step one is always research. Who are your ideal followers? What do they want? What questions do they have that you can answer? What hashtags are they using? Answer these questions and check to see if you can find relevant hashtags that are being used frequently. Putting yourself in the mindset of the searcher makes all the difference!
  • Learn from the top accounts. The fashion bloggers with thousands of followers have all walked this road before you. Visit their profiles and make note of the hashtags they use consistently. Test them out on your account to gauge how they work with your content.
  • Use between 10-30 hashtags. The more the merrier!
  • Keep your post looking sleek and clean. There are varying opinions on this one, but we think posts look better without hashtags getting in the way of the caption text. Once you’ve posted, quickly head to leave a comment and leave the hashtags there! You’ll get the same benefits from the hashtags without the clutter.
  • Keep your list of hashtags in your notes on your phone for easy access. Rather than waste your time typing out each hashtag, type them once then copy and paste when needed!
  • Timeliness is very important when it comes to hashtags! Add them to your social media post as quickly as possible so they’re not shoved to the bottom of the batch.

Engagement Tips for Fashion Bloggers

As an Instagram fashion blogger, you can’t live inside a bubble, especially on social media. Taking the time to connect with others in the digital world and engaging consistently with other fashion accounts will significantly strengthen your social media presence and assist in earning your profile committed followers. Here are a few good guidelines to follow:

  • Actively seek to connect with other fashion accounts.
  • Follow accounts more progressed thank you for inspiration and comment frequently to build a rapport with them. It helps to have friends in high places!
  • Spend most of your time making friendships with fashion blogger accounts that are at your same “level” or below.
  • Leave genuine comments and questions on other account posts. Remember there’s a human being on the other end just like you!
  • Share the liking love! Actively help other accounts out and don’t hold back on the likes. They’ll be inclined to return the favor.
  • Respond to every and all comments on your posts and appropriate direct messages.

branding for fashion style bloggers

Branding Tips for Fashion Bloggers

The sooner you establish your personal brand as a fashion blogger, the easier your world will be down the road. Branding covers everything from logos, to colors, to the way you express your thoughts through your social media profile. It’s important that you’re aware, strategic, and consistent when cultivating and maintaining this brand image. Here are a few tasks to keep updated as you develop your fashion blogging brand:

  • Make a set of rules for your brand. What’s important to you? How should the brand sound? What do followers value from your brand? Make sure you reference those rules with every post you make to maintain that brand image.
  • Whether you have an official logo or just want to use your website or social media username, it’s important to brand any original content you create. Insert a small version of the logo into the bottom corner of original designs, products, and guides to lead users back to the source.
  • Merge the gap between social media and your website by installing the Juicer social media aggregator. It’ll feature your best content from 15+ social media websites so your latest styles are always being displayed on your website too! Check out the Instagram aggregator here.
  • Make sure all Pinterest pins and Instagram stories link back to your website.
  • Make sure your website link is featured prominently on your social media profiles!
  • Protect your brand. If you’re approached by a company for a sponsorship and you don’t really like the product, don’t accept the deal! The choices you make on behalf of your brand reflect it and you, so make sure you chose partnerships you’re proud of and that represents your brand well.

How to wear your tailored pants during the summer?

Do you like to be elegantly dressed and present yourself with distinction while asserting your mastery of style? The fame of the pantsuit has grown in recent years to the point that wearing it today is seen more as an affirmation of your taste for fashion. This fabulous piece is the ultimate outfit to wear if you want a chic, feminine and sophisticated look. But how can we wear this classy and trendy piece during the summer? Mademoiselle Grenade is now presenting some tips for wearing your tailored pants during the season.

Go for light colors

Strict pants, in slightly harsh colors such as black or gray, are perfectly suited to your professional outfits. But if you want to stand out and fully express your uniqueness, why not opt ​​for pants in light or pastel shades? Of course, neutral and light tones such as nude beige or powder pink are also suitable, but do not hesitate to explore other more daring and just as soft shades such as pastel blue.

Try bright colors

If you’re a fan of trendy outfits, don’t hesitate to venture into some brightly colored, more dynamic tailored women pants online UAE. Why not opt ​​for coral, hot pink or fuchsia pants? These more energetic and daring hues will allow you to put together a stunning, chic and on-trend outfit, just like any other bright color with tapered or baggy tailored pants.

Fall for printed tailored pants

Another way to add personality to your outfit and assert your uniqueness, while being chic and trendy, is to wear tailored pants with printed patterns. Of course, some pants with too colorful or too large patterns may be unsuitable for professional outfits but lighter patterns will be quite suitable for office outfits.

Some women may find it more difficult to wear tailored pants outside of the workplace, especially those who work as an executive in a company. But it is quite possible to wear tailored pants casually and opt for a casual look. Printed tailored pants are easier to wear in a setting other than professional and they are perfectly suited to more uninhibited outfits.

Create interesting color combinations

Wearing tailored pants doesn’t mean you have to go for an ultra-formal and rigid outfit or go for a monochrome look all the time. Have fun. Creating interesting color combinations will make your outfit more remarkable and adorable. Your pace will be all the more suited to spring and summer.

Wear mismatched tailored pants

Do you think tailored pants are too chic? Too dressed? It is true that tailored pants are generally worn formally and suited to the corporate world. However, you can always pair it with a more relaxed top. Take a look in your wardrobe and do not hesitate to try different things to create new outfits with the tailored pants you usually wear. You will be surprised at the result. Once again the watchword is “Have fun”: Have fun.

Be bold with your pajama pants

If this fashion has been on the tip of its nose for a few years, the pajama pant style is a fairly recent trend with the general public. If you are looking for an alternative to the classic pantsuit, going for this style is the best bet.

Look for pajama pants with sharp details to avoid looking like you were surprised when you jump out of bed. The trick is to devote your efforts to your makeup as well as the care of your hair. Be careful, as you can probably imagine, pajama pants will probably not be accepted in your workplace.


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Rose water for Skin: Wonder Drug and All-Rounder

Caring for skin and hair, reducing swelling or refining food: there is almost nothing that rose water cannot do.

Rose water is considered a beauty trend. Why it wasn’t so popular much earlier is hard to understand once you know what it can do.

The uses of rose water for skin are varied. We’ll tell you what effect it has on the skin and the whole body and why you should not only have the washbasin in the bathroom cabinet but also in the kitchen from now on.

Rose Water

What Rose Water for Skin Can do? – Effect & Application

1. Rose water for the skin: ideal for care

Not every beauty product is suitable for all skin types. But pure rose water does:

For sensitive skin, real rose water neutralizes the pH value of the skin without alcohol.

Blemished skin that is prone to pimples benefits from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dry skin is naturally hydrated.

With rosacea or reddened skin, rose water helps thanks to its astringent (contracting) and toning (strengthening) effect.

Ten things that rose water can do

  • Mature skin benefits from the anti-ageing effect. Free radicals are prevented and wrinkles are plumped up (make sure to use it on the cleavage as well).
  • Oily skin is matted by the non-comedogenic property (not clogging the pores) of rose water.
  • With regular use, sensitive skin is soothed and its protective shield strengthened.
  • Use the rose water as a natural facial toner. Simply apply it to the face using a cotton pad and pamper the skin. Or apply to affected areas and let inflammation or irritation on the face subside.
  • The best rose water according to consumers
  • Make rose water yourself – this is how it works

Do you want to do without conventional toner and prefer to make your own? We show you how it works.

Our tip:  Use organic products, because they not only guarantee the quality, they also do not contain irritating ingredients (such as preservatives or alcohol).

Use only small amounts of pure rose water. Because of the lack of preservatives, it does not last as long as a conventional facial toner, but about four weeks if it is stored in a dark bottle and in the refrigerator. Be sure to boil the containers beforehand to kill all germs. To avoid contamination of the DIY facial tonic, you should use distilled water. Shake well before use.

2. Rose water has healing properties

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, rose water helps wound healing. You can take advantage of the following problems:

For eczema or herpes infections, rose water compresses can be used to cool, soothe and aid healing.

It doesn’t just work on the skin.  A gargle solution with rose water can be very helpful for inflamed oral mucosa or unpleasant breath. Simply put 15-20 drops of rose water in a glass of water and gargle for a few minutes.

After sunburn or insect bites, the rose water also has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

Rose water can even help with stomach cramps and diarrhoea, detoxifying and calming the body.

3. Rose water for the face: soothes puffiness around the eyes

The nice-smelling water is also said to help with puffy eyes. Soak two cotton wool pads in rose water and then place them on your closed eyes for about ten minutes. You can look forward to a difference a short time later.

4. Treat your hair with rose water

Rose water not only moisturizes the skin, but also the hair. Just give a few spritzes in the lengths as a leave-in treatment and enjoy the long-lasting fragrance.

Bonus: Regularly massaging rose water into the scalp will also reduce potential inflammation and soothe an itchy scalp.

5. Rose water helps with headaches and menstrual pain

Who would have thought that the wonder drug could even relieve pain? To do this, soak a small towel in cold water (head) or warm water (abdomen), wring it out and add a few drops of rose water. Then place it on your forehead / lower abdomen and allow yourself a break of ten minutes. Rose essential oils help relieve pain and relieve cramps. The scent promotes well-being.

6. Remove make-up with rose water for the face

If you are reluctant to use chemical products to remove make-up, you can also use rose water in this case. Simply put some coconut oil and rose water on a cotton ball and gently remove the make-up from the skin.

7. Use rose water as a bath additive

What could be more relaxing for the body than a relaxing bath? Just. And here too, natural rose water is used. The fragrant water gently cares for your skin and provides it with all-round moisture.

8. Rose water is a great alternative to perfume

If you don’t have any perfume on hand, just put a few drops of pure rose water on the inside of your wrists and neck. In summer, the miracle water is also ideal as a face spray. To do this, spray a few splashes on the face, décolleté and neck.

9. Use rose water for cooking and baking

Not least because of its detoxifying effect, rose water is ideal for cooking and baking, but also because it smells wonderful. Again, make sure that the essential water is pure and pure. It looks particularly good in cookies and jellies because it gives a heavenly scented note. We’ll tell you here a delicious recipe for rose water and pistachio biscuits.

10. Prepare refreshing drinks with rose water

The all-rounder also makes a big impact in beverages, as it contains antioxidants and tannins that have an antiviral and antibacterial effect. How about a refreshing rose lemonade?

How is rose water made?

Rose water is actually a by-product in the manufacture of rose oil. Rose oil is expensive and is mostly used in luxurious facial care. It takes 60 roses to make a single drop of rose oil.

The roses are picked by hand – very early in the morning when the dew is still on the flowers. Because then the oil content in the leaves is highest. The rose oil is produced quickly afterwards by steam distillation. What remains is the rose water – actually a waste product that is nevertheless full of valuable ingredients. For more please do visit:

How to combine the combination of Jumpsuit?


An overcoat, a relaxed cardigan or a kimono can complement the ensemble. Note that this is still handy for those who don’t like showing off their shapes in the back. If your jumpsuit is solid, spruce up your outfit with a printed cardigan. However, we avoid the print on print so as not to weigh down the silhouette.

A fitted jacket or blazer will give structure to the silhouette. If you are petite, avoid large prints that will tend to disappear this one!

If you go for a sleeveless jumpsuit, cotton t-shirt on the inside would be perfect for a casual look!

The shoes

If you are long, you can afford flat shoes like Spartans, espadrilles or even moccasins worn like slippers. Conversely, if you are small, choose low boots, derbies or pumps for a more feminine look.

Sneakers are a classic for a modern casual chic look whatever your figure. To dress up your women’s jumpsuits UAE, heels will be required for a feminine and elegant look.

The accessories

Depending on the occasion, a clutch bag with chain shoulder strap or a suitable pouch will enhance the silhouette. For the waist, if you don’t have an X-shaped figure, it would be ideal to mark it with a loose waistband to create the illusion of a waist.

Not a fan of the exposed ankles? In this case, dare to wear socks with the panty jumpsuit! There is nothing shocking about this, especially since it is common practice. If socks aren’t your thing, you can still wear the jumpsuit with sock boots.

Are you little? Nothing could be simpler than adding a touch of elegance with a long necklace that recalls the length of the body. If you opt for a printed jumpsuit or if you are luscious, we will choose thin necklaces that will bring a touch of femininity. If you’re curvy, don’t forget to accessorize your jumpsuit with big bracelets and an XXL clutch. As for the shoes, choose them with wide heels to lengthen the leg.

How to wear the jumpsuit according to the seasons?


Here is a versatile outfit very easy to adapt according to your tastes and desires. The cardigan over the fitted jumpsuit brings a little volume effect. Make sure the drawstring is adjustable at the waist. We stay on the same color tones for the shoes. The black veil does not shock and breaks the monotony of the outfit.


The fit of this jumpsuit is perfect for the modest woman! The combi being a print, we put on a plain veil so as not to weigh down the outfit. The belt to mark the waist is well seen. The denim jacket as an overcoat is very well put in value to balance the proportions with the ruffle of the lower part of the suit. For the season, we put on light fabrics such as rayon (also called viscose or artificial silk), crepe or cotton jersey (fine) for more comfort.

We could have imagined the outfit with a clutch and a fitted blazer, a chic look guaranteed for a special occasion such as an evening at a restaurant for example.


If you are not a cardigan fan, this is a great idea to add a touch of style to your jumpsuit with a denim shirt. Ideal for little ones, the burgundy boots are reminiscent of the color of the veil, ideal for fall. Despite the freshness of this season, we do not fall for the total black look, very austere. The tri colors combine perfectly and give character to the outfit!


The suit is very well suited to the season to keep warm. The materials chosen are warm and the stockings worn underneath the outfit are not shocking. White sneakers bring light to the ensemble. To break up the dark side, light makeup with a touch of red is still a good option to bring more pep’s.

We always stay on the same color tones. Making the undershirt visible not only recalls the color of the veil and the stockings, but makes the outfit much more stylish than if it were buried under the coat.

Now you know all about the combination. What is your combi style?


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