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Fashion: One in two French people buy online

In September, Shurooq presented the latest trends and figures for the fashion market on the internet at the Fevad back-to-school press conference.

The purchase of fashion items on the internet has now become a habit. According to the latest KantarWorldpanel * figures, 1 in 2 French people have in fact bought fashion items online in the past 12 months, for an average amount of € 221. “If the Internet affects the French regardless of their income, women, targets under 35 and inhabitants of the Paris region are more numerous than the average” summarizes the study.

In total, fashion now represents 17.2% of spending on goods that the French make on the Internet, with 120 million orders, or 6 million additional orders recorded over the year. These data are corroborated by figures from a famous analyst institute which notes that “online sales of clothing and textiles enjoyed growth of 6.1% in 2017; according to the different distribution channels, it was the specialized chains including online clothing stores in Pakistan (town center, shopping center) that benefited from the best momentum on the internet: + 13.6% compared to 2016. ”

Even if these figures demonstrate a real democratization of fashion shopping via the web, the fact remains that physical stores still have a card to play. Indeed, as Shurooq emphasizes, “even with the most online customers. The latter still buy twice as much in stores (27 acts of purchase per year) than on websites (13 acts of purchase). “This being the case, according to the IFM,” the dynamic of online sales (+ 6.5% in value for the first 7 months of 2018) is not sufficient to offset the decline in in-store sales (- 3.4%). Online sales would need to grow by around 20% for the market to stabilize. ”

What are the web’s recipes for success? The concern for practicality in the first place. Buyers can do their shopping directly from their living room, without having to travel. Fast delivery adapts to consumer habits (home delivery, to a pick-up point near work or home). The other big lever is the price: websites indeed offer the possibility of affording more premium fashion at an affordable price. “Moreover, 40% of online fashion buyers only buy at reduced prices” and 67% of spending is made at discounted prices on the Internet.

According to world famous analyst, two major leading sites are in the lead: Amazon and Venteprivée. Although running on different models, the two have managed to find a place in the dressing room of the French. “This year Amazon takes the lead in value terms, capturing 7.6% of online fashion spending. This giant has won over 1 in 10 French people thanks to its very wide range of products at low prices without having to resort to sales and promotions. ”

The World panel data are taken from two World panel samples representative of France: Fashion insights with a sample of 12,500 representative panelists aged 15 and over and E Kommerce with a sample of 10,000 panelists aged 18 and over.


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