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9 tips for styling with a simple outfit

Have you ever looked at certain women and said to yourself “wow, she’s really stylish”! And yet, looking at it, she was wearing a rather basic outfit. But even with a little bit of detail, you couldn’t quite put your finger on what made the difference…

Womens clothing online outfit is not just a combination of a top with a bottom and possibly a jacket or a cardigan … Well, yes, but to have style you just have to add that little extra thing. And that little trick is knowing that how to own your clothes.

In this article, I wanted to give you some tips for you too to style with a simple outfit.

Roll up the bottom of the pants

To make your clothes your own, do not wear them as is. And for that, nothing like the “roll-up”.

Rather than wearing your pants a little too long, roll them up! You make it look better, and you free up your ankle.

The magic thing about rolled up pants is that you stretch your leg while adjusting it to your waist!

A few small details:

Roll up the pants close to the body: straight, slim, carrot (tightened at the ankle). You don’t roll up wide pants or a bootcut!

If you have 30 cm of excess pants … hem first! To roll up, the amount of fabric must not be too big either. Turn your pants over 2-3 times maximum.

Make your backhand not too high. It’s not yet fashionable for the 10 inch cuff (or I haven’t seen it go by). But even if that happened, it would be a fleeting fashion. Make a cuff about 5 cm high

Pull the shirt sleeves out of your sweater

In the same spirit as for rolling up your pants, play with your long sleeves and especially with the shirt sleeves.

If you wear your shirt under a sweater or a cardigan, remember to bring out the cuffs!

You bring a little touch of contrast to the wrists, and it can make all the difference on your outfit.

For a more summery outfit, also consider rolling up your shirt sleeves to lighten your look.

Put on a belt, even if the pants hold on to

We often tend to think of a belt as just a way to hold your pants up … And so if it fits on its own, why bother with a belt?

Quite simply because with a pretty belt, you add the finishing touch to your outfit. This is the accessory that can make the difference between an ordinary outfit and a well-finished outfit.

For a touch of originality, you can also use a beautiful scarf as a belt.

And for clothes that are sold with a belt, don’t be afraid to change them! The problem with these belts that come with the clothes is that they are often of very poor quality and tend to wear out very quickly.

However, if it is still in good condition, you can also wear it on another item of clothing than the one with which it was sold! Don’t be afraid to play with your clothes!

Belt everything

This advice is especially valid if you have a marked waist: consider adding a belt to your jackets, vests, or even your coats.

If you have a low waist, however, avoid putting a belt on already thick clothing. You risk thickening your figure.

But whatever your body type, you can try adding a belt to your dresses. Worn low waist or at the waist, you can rediscover your dresses in a different light!

And on the same note: if you have belt loops on your dress, you don’t have to use them! If these loops are low waist but you prefer to mark the waist, move the belt! While taking care all the same that the cut and the position of the passers-by allow it so that it remains harmonious.

Try layering

Here, the guest star is the shirt! White shirt, denim shirt, patterned shirt…

To give relief to your outfit, you can extend the hem of a shirt or blouse over your sweater.

Think of wearing a shirt as if it were a jacket.

Wear your low-cut shirt with a patterned T-shirt underneath or with lace depending on your style.

You can still tie the hem of your shirt instead of tucking it into the pants.

Test, improve, find your favorite way to wear the shirt differently!

Tuck the top into the bottom and blouse

It’s really the little detail that changes everything! Tucking your top into the bottom is quite an art … But it’s not complicated!

First, to appear less strict, when you tuck your top into your pants, consider loosening it up slightly by gently pulling on it. You create a bit of ease and your outfit looks more relaxed.


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