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Woman office look – our business woman outfits

The office looks in 3 lessons

The office woman look is a look to be taken seriously, according to the companies there are codes to follow. Through this article we will show you that there are different business woman looks to adopt depending on your business. So if you are a working girl and need some advice on office attire, you’ve come to the right place.

First things first, what is the office look?

The office woman look is not just the basic suit; you can put together several pieces while being chic and elegant to go to work. You must therefore adapt to your professional world, for example if you work in a start-up or in a young company such as a tpe or sme you can adopt the casual business look.

1/ the Business Casual Look

I see you come to ask yourself the question “what is this business casual look”, it’s a look that is both casual and chic, always keeping a touch of elegance and putting on a more casual piece such as jeans, a blouse with a blazer. It’s a less formal look but still professional, still prefer dark colors and quality materials.

2 / the Casual Look

Another very important look is the casual look, there are some companies that go for casual Friday its casual Friday or you can wear casual clothes. You don’t have to overdo it, don’t come with flip flops and shorts though, but you can for example buy pants for women New York with a top or jeans and a blouse. These are clothes that you are used to wearing every day, comfortable clothes.

3 / the Business Look

The last very important look is the “business chic woman look”, this time it’s a more formal outfit, it’s the outfit to go for important meetings, professional meetings and business meals. For this business chic outfit, choose a straight fitted skirt and / or tailored pants associated with a white shirt. Always choose dark colors and quality natural materials such as wool, silk. These are materials that last over time and are always aesthetic even after washing.

It is also important to have details in an outfit such as buttons of a different color, hidden seams. The cut of a garment is also very important, wearing beautiful pieces I say YES! But you have to know how to wear them according to your figure, for costumes it is always preferable to choose fitted pieces, close to the body.

In addition, the beautiful materials are very comfortable to wear and will not make you sweat. What a treat, so it’s a two in one! Remember that your outfit reflects both your social status and your personality, and coming to work negligently can be frowned upon in some companies. It is therefore very important to choose aesthetic clothing, well cut and favor quality materials.


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