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Hair Transplant – Follicular Extraction Method

The specialist in Hair Transplant planting, who has one year experience and hair restoration with FUE hair transplant Lahore method, tells more about this technique. Focused on improving skills in this particular method. It runs consultations and introduces treatments at the famous Clinic. Hair Transplant – Follicular Extraction Method Unit …

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How Your Own Plasma Can Help Grow Thinning Hair

So you lose your hair and want to save as much as possible without a transplant. You have heard of the pills (finasteride), and you have heard of the drink (minoxidil). Talk to your doctor about both, as they can be used together to stop hormone-disrupting hormones and improve the …

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Have a Hair Transplant

It is inevitable that a large number of us, both men and women, will see at least some hair loss as we age. But instead of gracefully accepting this sad fact of life, many of us are fighting it. Fortunately, we no longer seem to be engaging in a losing …

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What You Should Know about PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. It is versatile and can be used with hair transplant surgery or as an independent treatment for thinning hair. Many hair transplant surgeons are already using this technology in their hair replacement surgery and since the expert …

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