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How to synchronize your stock online and in store?

Today we are telling you about an imaginary problem faced by stores that would like to sell online, but who do not dare. This is the obsession (and possibly an excuse for merchants who have a store and who think of selling online): how to make sure to remove products on time from your website so as not to risk selling online a product that we are out of stock. I answer this question and I find solutions for you!

Seriously, we would say that in the past year one in two customers who called us asked us the question. How do I make sure I don’t sell products that I don’t have in stock?

In store, it’s easy! When a product is no longer on my tablet, then I don’t risk selling it!

But online, that’s a lot of management!

I’ll start by telling an anecdote about an online purchase I made a few years ago. I was looking for a super efficient juice extractor. The best I found no longer seemed to be available anywhere.

Lucky I found it on eBay. I bought. A few days later the seller contacted me to tell me that he had posted it by mistake and that he no longer had the product. So I bought it from Amazon. Again, 2 days later my order was canceled.

What I don’t understand is that these two merchants had in front of them a customer with his credit card who was actively looking to buy a juicer. Why didn’t they take the opportunity to sell me another one? They could have recommended another product to me, but they didn’t and lost the sale.

Don’t make this mistake.

If you’re having trouble managing your inventory on your website, don’t worry. At least take the opportunity to contact customers and sell them another similar product through inventory software for small business!

If, luckily, it is still possible for you to reorder these products then please do not remove them from your e-commerce site! Take this opportunity to have a wider range of products available and tell the customer that the product may take longer to ship.

You could also take the opportunity to negotiate with certain suppliers to drop-shipping. That is, they would ship the products you sell directly to customers!

Synchronized cash management software

The easiest long-term method is to have POS software connected to your transaction site.

But this method has several constraints.

First, if you do not currently have cash register software that allows this, you will need to migrate to new cash register software. Who says migration means time, money, training and short-term risks.

Then you sort of have to use the same company for your checkout software as you do for your e-commerce platform.

The problem is, most inventory software for small business doesn’t have an e-commerce solution, and vice versa, except for these two. And no, as they are in direct competition, it is impossible to synchronize Alfa Cybernetics POS software with Shopify’s e-commerce platform, which is a shame if you want my opinion!


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