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How to dress after 50?

It’s not always easy to find your style at 50. We are afraid of giving the impression of having dug out of our daughter’s wardrobe or worse of falling into the extreme: the look that takes 20 years. Yet this is the perfect age to express your femininity: children are grown up, we know their strengths and, above all, we have learned to take charge. Style is not a question of age because you can be beautiful at all ages; you just have to respect certain fundamentals that will be developed through this article to dress well after 50 years.

Dressing well after 50

Of the color you will wear

Black hardens features, brings out imperfections and does not enhance our look. This notion is valid for all ages, but it takes on all its importance when you reach 50, which is why it will be important to make color our ally.

If our morphology requires us to wear dark, we will rather opt for burgundy, pine green, charcoal gray or navy blue. Cream, ecru and all derivatives of white are also strongly recommended, as well as pastel.

Good basics you will accumulate

The trench coat, the cashmere sweater, the raw jeans, the red pumps… must be part of the base of your wardrobe.

Regarding materials, younger, we could afford synthetic materials but at 50 they must be noble, with a nice drape. At this age, you have to play the card of sophistication and only beautiful materials will allow you to do so. In addition, the onset of menopause makes the heat less bearable and you will be more comfortable in natural materials.

Go to the following article for the right basics: The 10 basics for your wardrobe

In general, over the years we tend to buy less, so less means better quality, because ultimately it’s the duration that matters.

Beware of associations: yes to the tweed jacket but if you wear it with jeans and modern pumps to avoid adding a few years. Above all, do not go into a too classic register so do not hesitate to play with the accessories to modernize your entire outfit including womens clothing online.

Jewelry sparingly

Fine jewelry is perfect after 50 years. If you like imposing jewelry, settle for a big bib necklace, for example, no need to accumulate it. Nothing worse than the mismatched total adornment: ear, cuffs and neck with rhinestones on all sides.

You are going to cause blindness and dazzling your interlocutors and it is far from the best taste. The example may make you smile but believe us; the reason we mention it here is because it is common to meet it many times.

Importance given to lengths

The skirt should be worn above the knee or below but not at knee length otherwise it ages terribly. A T-shirt or sweater should be long enough so that you don’t show your stomach.

Tops will be best worn slightly loose and it is best to avoid tank tops with spaghetti straps.

If your arms may be lacking in firmness, don’t hesitate to opt for sleeve tops ¾.


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