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How to choose your inventory tools?

Inventory is a mandatory step in the life of a business. Whether permanent, rotating, intermittent or annual, it must be integrated into the financial year on December 31. To simplify your task and allow you to optimize your time during its realization, Alfa Cybernetics invites you to discover some really relevant and almost essential tools in a digitalized world.

Essential tools for the inventory

If you’ve made the choice to computerize your inventory, there are tools you can’t ignore: inventory software for small business, a printer, labels.

Inventory software at your fingertips


For your inventory management, you can use open source software or licensed software. What are their differences, advantages and disadvantages?

Open Source Inventory Software

There are many so-called “open source” inventory software. Anyone can use them, modify them and distribute them. They can be great data collectors for inventory. However, this software is generally developed by volunteers. In fact, updates and improvements can be slow. In addition, it is not possible to receive assistance on this type of product. You must therefore rely on the forums dedicated to them, or call on a company specializing in the inventory software for small business that you use to overcome your possible difficulties, which will not be free.

Licensed inventory software

Much less anxiety-provoking for a novice in computer science or a multitasking manager who cannot devote hours to the management of an open source, the licensed software allows to benefit from a large number of services: personalized development, assistance, updates regular, troubleshooting… Its cost is therefore quickly amortized by the optimization of inventory management time and the resulting agility, in particular with regard to the many functions and related services it offers, such as the coupling with the cash register software.

The inventory balance

The weight of the finished products or raw materials is one of the characteristics to be reported in the sheet of inventoried products. Weights, quantities of parts, references, current inventory scales offer professionals significant counting facilities. Excessively efficient and connected, they carry out their various missions with incomparable precision, in particular thanks to the large capacity of their memory.

Before starting to count products, it is essential to determine the concrete weight of the product by means of the scale or, if known, to enter it manually.

The different models of counting scales

Depending on your use and your budget, you will opt for more or less complex scales. From the simple counting scale offering intuitive user guidance to the most professional, which offers various displays and built-in memories, it’s easy to find the one that best suits your needs.

Inventory showers

An inventory handshower – also known as a portable terminal, laser reader, etc. – gives inventory officers great freedom of movement and facilitates the counting of goods. Thanks to the automation of reading and the collection of field information that it promotes, counting teams can easily enter each of the objects in a storage area.

Depending on the model chosen and depending on the functionalities of the cash register software used, you can integrate many other elements into this precious tool: color touch screen, laser barcode reader, digital camera, etc.


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