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A Business Tide at the Bay of Bengal

Since the western markets are hit with a prolonged recession period the businessmen are looking at South Asia expectantly. According to the recent estimate Asian countries like China, India, and Bangladesh are going to attract a lot of business opportunities and witness a rising trend in the economy. The current government of Bangladesh is undertaking a major infrastructure reformation operation. During the past decade, the underdeveloped nation of Bangladesh has many missed opportunities due to the lack of proper infrastructure in place. JHM International Limited has signed an international assignment that requires supplying construction quality stones to the project.

The government is planning to construct a new nuclear plant to deal with its energy crisis and a bridge to facilitate the Indian trade routes. Both of these projects are the center of political and economic importance. The new infrastructure plan is said to attract business investment from Japan, Russia, China, and several other countries. On the other hand, the Rooppur power plant at the Pabna District is said to become operational by the end of 2023 and reduce the load shedding issue. The entire project has an estimated cost of 12.6 billion dollars which is a challenging task for the current economy of Bangladesh. However, the JHM group is going to chip in to provide high-quality stones from India to facilitate the construction project.

The famous Ganges River that is branched into Bangladesh is also undergoing major changes. The bridge is already under construction and said to have added stops at port cities in China and India. This bridge would become a multibillion-dollar trade route for the fastest growing economies of the world. The bridge is named Padma Bridge and requires an initial investment of 3.6 billion dollars. The Bangladeshi government is keen on managing the project since it has the possibility of increasing the annual GDP output by 1.2%. The locals are hopeful to get better results and better business opportunities for the local businessman. The JHM group of companies is taking up a major responsibility for facilitating industrial-grade construction material for both these projects.

The Padma bridge project requires the transfer of 500k metric ton construction stones from India to Bangladesh. On the other hand, the Nuput nuclear power plant requires a massive transfer of high-quality construction savvy stones at an estimated 100k metric ton to the borders of Bangladesh.


Are outbound links important in SEO?

In today’s article, we’re going to discuss the use of outbound links and their importance in your SEO strategy.

What is an outbound link?

An outbound link, also called an external link, points from your website to an external website. Outbound links are intended to direct users to additional sources of information on a particular topic. If links from other sites point to your website, this is called an inbound link .

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Outbound links are different from internal links in that they point entirely to another website, while internal links take users to another page on the same site. All websites contain outbound links because they are essential to ensure that users get all the information they need.

21 Types of Dangerous, Worthless, or Junk Backlinks To Avoid

Why are outbound links important?

We all know the benefits of acquiring backlinks to your own website. This is one of the most important ranking factors as it is considered a vote of confidence for your site.

Do the links you point to other websites bring the same value to your site as backlinks? Obviously, no. However, they are taken into account by search engine crawlers and will still have an impact on your SEO visibility .

They improve the value of your content

Ultimately, SEO is about providing the user with what they need. By adding outbound links to your page, you provide a user with resources to learn more about the topic they are researching or interested in.

You need to make sure that the sites you link to are of quality, for example, news organizations, government organizations, or blogs that are authoritative in their field. Links to non-credible sites or resources will not be of use to your page or the user, and could penalize you.

Plus, outbound links are a bibliography of your own content. Think of it like an article you wrote in college. You would be penalized if you did not reference your sources of information. It’s the same with web content!

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Finally, never forget the concept of EAT that Google uses to assess the relevance and credibility of your content. To put the odds on your side, we advise you to source your information through outgoing links directing to reference sites.

They improve relevance signals

Outbound links are a signal to Google that your page is somehow linked to landing pages, which allows search engines to start building context between multiple sites.

It is important to use appropriate anchor text in your outbound links, not only to convey authority to other domains, but also to tell Google what your page is about and the landing pages relating to those. Outgoing links.

They encourage sharing

While not directly related to organic visibility, links to other websites might encourage them to share your content on their own social media profiles. For example, if you refer to certain brands or influencers in your content and link to their sites, then mention them in your Instagram post relaying your article, they might feel pressured to rewet or re-share. your content for their audience, which would amplify its reach.

How many outgoing links maximum are allowed?

Until 2011, Google advised not to integrate more than 100 links per page (internal or external). This was due to the fact that Google bot (Google’s robot) could only index the first 101 KB of an HTML page (source code). Webmasters were then advised not to build pages that were too long, otherwise the HTML located beyond the first 101 KB would not be taken into account by Google.

In early 2011, Matt Cutts returned to this rule established by Google in a video. He explains that this rule is now over since it corresponded to a Web composed of pages much less rich than today. However, he insists that this should not mean integrating hundreds of links on his page as it could adversely affect the user experience and be seen by Google as a link farm. You have been warned!

There is therefore no rule set in stone regarding the maximum number of links to display on a web page. What we can advise is to use your judgment regarding outgoing links. There is no right or wrong amount of outbound links to use. Instead, make sure the links, whether internal or external, are relevant and important to the content and the user.

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Top 5 des Quick Wins SEO pour booster votre e-commerce

Optimizing your e-commerce site for SEO can quickly turn out to be time consuming. There are so many aspects that can affect your organic performance that sometimes you don’t know where to start, especially if you don’t have enough time and resources on your end.

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It’s important to remember that often a combination of a few small changes can have a bigger impact on your site’s performance than massive structural changes which can require a lot more resources and take longer to impact.

To help you focus your optimization efforts, we’ve put together some tactics you can put in place to boost your online store’s SEO performance from a traffic and revenue perspective.

Our SEO Company in Lahore focused on three different types of opportunities:

Quick wins, relatively easy to implement and not requiring a lot of development resources. They will allow you to avoid major development projects and continue to optimize your site in difficult times, with limited resources.

Actions that will increase conversion rates to get the most out of the traffic you direct to your site.

Recommendations maximizing the impact of all the actions applied on your e-commerce.

Use customer reviews to improve product pages overall

One of the most common issues that e-commerce companies face is uniqueness of content, especially when it comes to their product pages.

Due to the large amount of products on a site, and the similarity between many of them, webmasters often end up taking product descriptions directly from the manufacturer’s website, or creating a few that will be then reused for several similar items.

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This can lead to multiple issues, including allocating more Google resources for indexing, content duplication, and keyword cannibalization (a scenario in which multiple pages compete for the same keyword, resulting in often a lower SEO positioning). Therefore, it is quite common to see Google canonize several products together (ignoring the canonics declared by the webmaster), which results in the total disappearance of the products from the Google index seo servives in Lahore.

To avoid this kind of scenario, you need to make sure that your site’s product pages have enough unique content. However, this is easier said than done. One of the best ways to do this at scale is to allow and encourage your customers to leave reviews on your product pages. This type of user-generated content can be one of the best ways to tackle content originality as well as freshness by providing a source of relevant and original content to your pages.

✅ Finally, reviews are also seen as a mark of trust on Google’s part and can help users choose between similar products and ultimately encourage them to make that purchase.

If you implement opinions, do not forget to add structured data markup on products . This will allow you to encourage Google to display enriched results for your products including their rating, the number of reviews, their price or even their availability.

While implementing this feature on your site might take a bit of development work up front, it will only require little maintenance (if implemented correctly) and its benefits will most likely be noticeable over many. of pages on your site, which will make it a major asset for both organic traffic and conversions.

Note that today, many CMS like WordPress (thanks to plugins) or Shopify allow you to easily integrate structured data tags for your products.

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Boost the content of your category pages (on mobile and desktop)

Before anything else, keep in mind that category pages are your queen pages in SEO. They are the ones who will mainly position themselves  on keywords with high search volume.

Why ?

From a user experience point of view , these pages presenting a choice of several products are likely to be less deceptive for the user, who will spend more time consulting them than product sheets. On a category page, the choice of products offered maximizes the chances that the Internet user will find what they are looking for on your site.

These are pages generally located at the top of the site hierarchy (depth levels 2 or 3). As a result, they will be more easily crawled by search engine robots and more accessible to users via site navigation.

They allow you to position yourself on several keywords that are part of the same cluster . Thus, with its different products and prices offered, a category page can be positioned on a bunch of top-tail, middle-tail and long-tail keywords. For example, a “Dress” category can be positioned on “Dress”, “Trendy dress” or even “Cheap dress”.

These are long-lived pages . Your category pages (unless there is a massive restructuring of the site) never disappear and have little chance of being deleted, unlike product sheets which are short-lived pages, regularly deleted due to new collections or out of stocks.

Back on topic. Regarding content, it is very common to see online stores with a number of category pages that are very similar to each other.

In order to differentiate them, and to ensure that they are optimized for the different user intentions , many e-businesses have enriched the content of category pages by adding text snippets at the top or bottom of their template. pages.


A good way is to add relevant content and make sure it incorporates the keywords you have targeted. However, this method is often poorly applied, which means that this content is not actually indexed by search engines.

In many cases, the content is embedded in the raw HTML code of the page, is displayed on the desktop version of the site, but not on mobile! However, we know that Google, through its Mobile-First Index , visits and takes into account the mobile-friendly site as the main version.

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This difference in content between display on desktop and mobile is a significant brake on the growth of your SEO visibility. This is what we are seeing for the.

In fact, you can see below that the “Women’s Perfume” category of the site (flagship category of the brand) displays an introductory text on a computer at the top of the page. In addition to its privileged location for SEO (at the top of the page), this text contains synonyms that can enrich the semantic field of perfume such as “eau de toilette SEO services in Lahore.

Internal mesh as a magic potion

While internal links are important for all kinds of websites, they can be the key to successful e-commerce sites. However, this networking strategy is often one of the biggest challenges for online stores, mainly due to the generally larger size of these sites, as well as the limitations of CMS and their templates / page templates.

⚠️Pages with greater click depth (ie further “at the bottom” of the architecture) receive fewer links, less PageRank and, therefore, tend to be crawled more infrequently by web bots. search engines (and Internet users). In the case of e-commerce sites, this reduces the likelihood that a new product page will be discovered or an existing page will be crawled again, which contributes negatively to the overall performance of the site in terms of traffic.


Competitor Site Analysis: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is difficult to imagine a modern company without its own website. Sales and business success depend on the comfortable interaction of the visitor with your resource. In this article, we will tell you how conducting a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ sites will help improve your business development strategy on the Internet.

Why do you need an analysis of competitors’ websites

To understand in which direction you and your business should move. By carefully studying your competitors, you will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as find out:

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how many firms are selling the same goods or services;

what traffic sources are used;

how they try to hook the client and what they offer new;

what content strategy they follow;

how to form a positioning and strategy for your online business based on the above.

The ultimate goal of competitor analysis is to find your own way to increase the company’s profit by determining the current situation in the industry.

How to identify key competitors

Choosing the wrong competitors for analysis can lead to useless results, so their choice should be approached carefully.

First of all, we are interested in direct competitors. They sell similar products, the assortment is similar in its breadth, and operate in your region. In addition, you can select indirect competitors, such as large Moscow companies and market leaders covering the entire country.

Where to find competitors?

Survey of employees and target audience. Ask them what competitors they’ve heard of.

Top search results and contextual advertising. Use basic queries that customers can search for you. For example, if you have 20 queries, select those companies that have appeared in the search results 4 or more times.

Ratings. Find industry rankings and take leaders. For example, for the query “rating of construction companies” there are many selections with arguments for the position of companies in the top.

Search in social networks. Using keywords, you can find popular groups and social media accounts led by your competitors.

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Services. Special services will help to simplify the task of finding competitors, which we will discuss below.

Services for analyzing key competitors.

The use of services allows using statistics to identify the strengths of competitors’ sites.

Services make it easy to conduct competitive analysis by:

studying the popularity of the site;

search for similar resources;

determining the visibility of competitors and pages with the highest traffic;

studying advertising key phrases.

There are a lot of tools for finding and monitoring competitors’ sites, we will consider a few of the most useful of them.

Arsenkin tools. This is a free service, it will show the top positions in the search results, the meta tags of the pages. For companies doing business in different regions, the tool will help you see the results for different regions;

Serpstat. A multifunctional tool that allows you to analyze visibility, traffic from search, semantics and much more;

Similarweb. Allows you to view top sites similar to yours and other interesting statistics;

Bukvarix. With its help, you can see the queries for which the competitor is ranked and its position in the search results.

Stages of analysis of competitors’ sites

It is necessary to select from the general list from three to five companies – this is the optimal range for assessment. You can expand this list by adding one company that is larger than you in scale or holds a significant part of the market, you can learn from it interesting experience.

Let’s define 5 main directions in which the check should be carried out:

Traffic sources

The convenience of use

Selling component of the site


Website technical optimization

These are the factors that most strongly influence the achievement of business goals on the Internet. Let’s analyze each in detail.

  1. Sources of traffic

Particular attention should be paid to the traffic source – the main channel from where competitors get customers. This can be traffic from search results, contextual advertising or referrals from social networks, and so on. You can use Similarweb to check.

From the table, we can conclude that most of the traffic comes from contextual advertising. It is worth considering it as the main channel for receiving traffic; in addition, you can do search engine optimization of the site.

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  1. Ease of use

The first thing you should pay attention to is how the site works. How simple and intuitive the catalog is, is the menu convenient, are there all the necessary sections. What matters is how quickly and easily the user can find all the information he is interested in.

Estimate: how many pages, sections and texts are located on the site, how the content is designed, how easy it is to find the desired section or product. Also appreciate the design, how attractive and thoughtful it is.

For example, a large furniture store. The client wants to buy a “Sliding wardrobe”. Goes to the site and sees:

a catalog with a convenient and obvious menu;

search string;

in the desired section, it is possible to filter products;

all goods have value, photos, characteristics.

All these elements are aimed at ensuring that the visitor takes the targeted action.

  1. The selling component of the site and the conversion path

The main goal of any commercial site is to sell. The assessment of the selling component consists of a list of factors:

Pricing policy of the company (prices are below / above the market or like everyone else);

Product range;

Convenience and completeness of contact information, availability of different communication methods;

Discounts, bonuses and other loyalty programs;

Product warranty;

Availability and content of social networks;

Does the site encourage the user to take the targeted action?

  1. Content

Content is a key element of a selling site, whether it is a description of the services provided or an overview of a product. The content should be clear and interesting for the user. It is worth checking first of all the text on the main page and on the pages of categories of goods or services.

Pay attention to:


What is the meaning of the text? What is trying to convey to the visitor? Put yourself in the client’s shoes and evaluate how useful this text can be for him.

Text quality

The quality of the text is assessed by several parameters:

  1. The volume of the text and its uniqueness

Look at the number of characters in the texts of competitors, it will be optimal to identify the average value and stick to it.

With uniqueness, everything is easier. There is only one rule, unique texts are good, non-unique texts are bad.

Both of these parameters can be checked using

  1. Water content and stylistics

“Water” is unacceptable in sales texts. This includes all useless, redundant and insignificant information.

Stylistics is how succinctly the text is written. The Glavred service helps to evaluate the style. Acceptable grade – 7 points or more, good – more than 8.

If your competitors have low quality content, you still need to improve your copy. So you can turn them into your advantage.

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Availability of pictures and videos

Empty text is of little interest to visitors. Pictures, infographics and videos increase audience engagement and retention. Even if your competitors do not use media content, use it for yourself and you will benefit.


It is always more pleasant to read the text divided into paragraphs, with bulleted lists, without very long sentences and a single narrative logic. This can be called taking care of the reader, it is recommended to use it in any text.

  1. Technical site optimization

Technical optimization check consists in the analysis of such parameters as:

page load time

adaptability to mobile devices

broken links, sections, visual elements

Search engine optimization (SEO) also refers to the technical side of websites. Tightness of sites for search engines allows you to get more traffic, and therefore leads. Basic SEO parameters can be checked using Serpstat service, such as:

positions in search results

phrases for ranking competitors

reference mass

And also, it allows you to scan and display a complete list of errors, such as 404, errors in meta tags and others.


The most important step is to draw the right conclusions, highlight good ideas. Knowledge in the field of classical marketing, presentation of the market situation and experience will help you determine your strategy for developing your business on the Internet.

Our company has extensive experience in conducting complex website analytics. If you operate in a highly competitive niche and want to increase your profits with e-commerce, contact us for professional web analytics .

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How to increase traffic to your online store from search engines: effective ways with examples

Online store traffic from search engines is one of the main indicators of its effectiveness. Of course, business owners should be more interested in sales and profits, but when traffic stagnates it is difficult to significantly increase revenue.

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To understand how to increase website traffic, you need to evaluate its optimization in several directions and find growth points. Improving a website is a never-ending process, but you can identify the main types of work that will help attract more visitors.

In the article, we will analyze several effective methods to increase traffic, show examples, and explain the logic of search engines.

The material will be useful to owners of online stores whose traffic from search engines has been kept at about the same level for a long time.

How to identify potential traffic

If traffic is selected as a KPI for an online store, first of all, you need to determine its approximate maximum value. This gives an idea of ​​the prospects for the development of the project and helps to objectively assess the result.

10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Websites

Traffic, like many other metrics, depends on positions. The goal of promotion is to get to the first place for all promoted requests. To roughly determine traffic for them, you need to summarize their frequency and multiply by CTR. According to research it is about 32%.

The resulting figure will be approximate due to factors such as:

seasonality and other natural causes of changes in demand;


competition in search results. The growth of positions does not always give more clicks – below there may be a page with a more attractive snippet (title and description in the SERP);

a large number of unique requests. By Yandex statistics users enter more than 100 million unique queries daily (~ 40% of the total);

advertisements above search results;

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“Magicians” of search engines (blocks with quick answers).

Ways to increase traffic

To increase traffic to an online store, complex optimization work is needed, including:

improvement of snippets;

filling pages with useful information;

improving the functionality and convenience of the site;

creation of new landing pages;

publication of informational articles;

expansion of the range;

link promotion.

Increasing the attractiveness of pages in the SERP: snippet optimization

A snippet is a block of information about a page in search results. Its required elements are the title (title) and description of the page (description).

By improving snippets, you can get additional traffic even without increasing positions. Moreover, the more users click on them, the higher the chance to take the best positions.

We have developed an SEO module for 1C-Bitrix, which allows you to quickly and conveniently optimize title and description on any pages. Settings are made in 1 click, which greatly simplifies the work with meta tags.

Availability of information important to the user

A big plus if the snippet contains a unique selling proposition. If the company provides free shipping, discounts and promotions, this should be described in the description.

It can also be useful to put a phone number in it so that the manager can immediately orient the user.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to a Page Through UX Analysis

Using numbers and special characters

Numbers and special characters (arrows, check marks, emoticons, etc.) attract attention on the issue page. The former, moreover, can be of practical use. For example, specifying a price in a snippet can be the main reason for a user to go to a site.

The chief editor of the Serpstat service during a simple experiment found out that special characters make snippets more attractive. The main thing is that they correspond to the meaning of the text.

Content on pages

The main sign of the quality of the text in an online store is the availability of information that interests a potential buyer and helps him choose one or another product. This factor directly affects the behavior of site visitors. If search engines see that a site is solving user problems, it will get more traffic.

In the second case, the visitor will have to look for the manufacturer’s website in order to clarify the characteristics and read the technical documentation.

Among the questions that buyers are interested in, there may be non-obvious things. Head of Webmasters Service at Yandex suggested using n-gram analysis in reviews, in order to understand what people pay attention to when choosing a particular product. The method is to find the most frequently repeated words or phrases in the review texts. This can be done in special services.

Analysis of n-grams will help determine the types of content that should be on the pages. If the appearance of the product is often discussed, then it is important to focus on photographs from different angles, if you are interested in some kind of electrical appliance in action, you need a video review, etc.

Convenience and functionality of the site

If users quickly leave the site without performing any conversion actions and return to search results, this is a bad signal for search engines. This often happens due to an incomprehensible structure, complex navigation, elements that interfere with the use of the site (for example, intrusive pop-up windows).

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Google takes into account the behavior of site visitors in ranking, and Yandex directly says that usability affects the promotion …

Creation of landing pages for new commercial requests

Creating new landing pages is an effective and fast way to get additional traffic. We have a case in which we managed to bring such pages to the Top 10 in just 2 weeks.

The effectiveness of this method is explained by the fact that the semantics of the site expands and pages appear that clearly answer the user’s request. For example, a person who is looking for gray gypsum plaster will find it more useful to have a page where all products match the request. Therefore, the section in which all types of plasters are collected will be ranked lower. If the assortment allows, you need to create pages for each characteristic or group of characteristics that are of interest to users.

The easiest way to identify such queries is through competitor analysis. If sites with a similar assortment of sections have more sections than yours, you need to determine for which queries they can be displayed and optimize new pages for them.

However, in order not to miss anything for sure, it is better to reassemble the queries by which they can search for the goods of the online store (semantic core) using a special service. The semantic core is the basis of SEO promotion, therefore it is important that it be the most complete, high-quality and well-developed. We wrote about the work of collecting semantics in a separate article .

Attracting customers with information content

With the help of a blog in an online store, you can attract a large number of visitors who are at the stage of choosing certain products and want to know more about them first. In informational articles, you can tell in detail about the products, their advantages, features of use, help the user make a choice and earn his loyalty.

Even when an online store is in high positions for targeted queries, you can increase its traffic in several ways. However, in all cases, complex work is needed not only on the content, but also on the technical component. If you want to increase website traffic from search engines, order SEO promotion in Digital marketing agency in Lahore.

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Why register a company with Google My Business

What is Google My Business

So what exactly is GMB? This is a service in which a business owner can register his company in order to get additional points of contact with the target audience, as well as provide maximum useful information. The data you have posted is presented in a company card format. It can be seen using the Google Maps service. Also, additional data about the company appears in the general search results forbrand inquiries…

All the functionality of the service is free. In the early stages of promotion, a company card in Google My Business can become one of the first sources of customers on the Web, acting as a small corporate website.

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In the event that you already have your own Internet resource, the GMB card will be a useful tool for attracting interested users to the site.

What opportunities does the service open for a business owner?

Drive traffic to your site from Google Maps . If during registration you indicate the URL of the company’s website, then all visitors to the card will be able to see the link to it and follow it to get more useful information.

Increase the number of conversions from general search . After your registration with GMB, in the search results you can get an extended snippet of your company when searching for a service with reference to a region or by brand queries.

Google My Business - All You Need to Know | DigitalMaas

Make it easier for clients to find a company . You are much easier to find as the company is visible inGoogle maps…

Inform potential customers . In Google My Business, you can specify opening hours, share news, pictures, videos and other useful data for clients.

Collect data about user activity . In GMB, you have the ability to view statistics on the activity of users who have visited your company’s card (dynamics of visits, actions, etc.).

We have already seen more than once that the card of the company and its branches in Google Maps can become one of the main sources of traffic and requests for the site. You can read about one of the examples in ourcase on the promotion of a network of pawnshops…

Features of Google My Business

To get all the benefits described, simply registering a company is not enough. In order for users to see your company more often, it is also necessary to start promoting the card and updating the data.

Every card in GMB has a rating that affects its visibility. It determines where your company will be visible among the search results on Google Maps. The rating is influenced by many factors:

user activity: ratings, fixes, reviews;

completeness of posted information;

reliability and relevance of data;

your GMB activity.

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Also, the filling of the card depends on how many users decide to call, get directions, go to the company’s website or order your services.

An important feature of the service is that you do not have a complete monopoly on changing business information. Map users can propose edits, and if there are enough similar edits, service algorithms will accept them. Thus, Google Maps users can independently control the accuracy of the information.

This is also worth keeping in mind when filling out your business details. It is best not to give users unnecessary reasons to make changes, as this can negatively affect not only the visibility of the card, but also customer confidence.

Also, you do not have the opportunity to independently moderate reviews and ratings on cards. Of course, potential customers trust such reviews much more. But there is also a negative side – it is much more difficult to fight even with unfounded negativity.

If the negative review is not true and this can be confirmed, contact the service support, it will be removed if your arguments are convincing. If a real dissatisfied client left him, it is best to answer and try to reasonably convince the client, help in solving his problem, or explain why his dissatisfaction is unreasonable.

How to register a company with Google My Business

It’s easy to do, but it can take about a week to confirm that you own the business. You should know about this in advance. So, to add a company to the service, you have to follow a few simple steps.

Account registration

First, select the Google account to which the company card will be linked and go to it. To create a company account in Google My Business, go tohere and click “start”.

If someone has already pointed out your business location in Google Maps, find it using search. If not, click “add company”. After that, you have to enter or update the following information:

the name of the company and the industry in which you work;

the physical address that customers can visit;

the territory within which you provide your own services;

your contact phone number and website address.

We also recommend subscribing to sending news of the service, from which you can learn a lot of useful information about updates. Be especially careful about the section where you indicate the field of activity. Choose the most accurate option from all presented. If you enter it incorrectly, most target users will not be able to find you in the service search.

Verification of company data

The next step is to confirm that you are the owner of the registered business. If you have a company website and you have already confirmed that you own it inGoogle Search Consolethen you can use GMB’s instant confirmation.

If not, you can do this in the following ways:

by regular mail;

by phone;

by email.

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The simplest is to send a paper letter with a verification code to the physical address specified in the service.

Before requesting a letter, carefully check all the filled in data. The address and type of activity are especially important. If everything is correct, you can make a request. You will have to wait 5-10 days. After that, you will receive an envelope with a card containing a five-digit confirmation code. Enter it in the “Check” item to verify your account.

Important: Letter delivery time is up to 10 days. Before they expire, it’s best not to re-request the code. Because of this, you can lose several times more time.

Registration of branches

If your business has several branches in different cities, we recommend that you specify the address of each of them. To do this, you do not have to re-register and go through the confirmation procedure every time. After verifying your account, all branch cards are automatically confirmed.

If you have more than 10 physical representative offices, the most convenient format for registering them is bulk loading of branches. To do this, go to your GMB account. Select “Add” in the lower right corner of the screen.

After that click on the item “Import from file”. Next, you have to create a table with data about branches. The easiest way to do this is to download and fill out the proposed template.

Basic information about branches:

Branch code . You assign it yourself. Most often, the abbreviated name of the company and the serial number are used as the code.

Address . If branches with this address have already been added to the map, the service will send a notification “matches found”.

Contact details . Phone number and website address.

After that, it is better to fill in the card of each branch separately. You can delegate these tasks to the employees working in them. To do this, you need to provide access to the users who will be doing this.

Access for other users

To provide access, go to the personal account of the service and click on the “Users” button. Enter the email address of the user for whom you want to extend access, and specify the level of authority. There are three levels of access to the board of directors with a company card:




The owner completely controls information about the company, and can also delegate access to other users. The administrator manages only company data. The manager does not have the right to edit the information, but can publish photos, as well as post responses to reviews as a representative of the company.

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Card filling

It is very important to make the card as informative as possible. This affects not only the interest of users when viewing it, but also its position in the search results on maps.

It is necessary to additionally indicate:

working time (days, hours);

place a company logo;

add corporate photos and videos to the card;

additional attributes (availability of Free WiFi, parking spaces, etc.).

This data should be placed for each branch. Also in Google My Business it is possible to inform users about various events and promotions. It also has a positive effect on the company’s rating.

Reviews and ratings in Google My Business

Any Card user can leave reviews and ratings. But not all of them affect the ranking of your company in the same way. The service has a gradation of users, which depends on their activity. For example, a rating left by an unauthorized user will have little impact on your rating, but if it is rated by a local expert, it can significantly increase or decrease your rating.

As we said before, it’s best not to ignore user reviews. Especially when it comes to the negative. By responding to such comments, you demonstrate that you care if your customers are happy. Even if you fail to convince the author of the negative, you can gain the trust of the rest of the readers of the comments.

High quality AWS training and certification courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Online.

How to successfully become certified in the Amazon cloud

Studying at Christmas … I thought that was over after university but it was what I had to do in the last days of last year because the challenge – getting a certification on Amazon – required it.

“And that for what? asked a friend. To get free shipping of your products? ” I didn’t laugh because until recently my knowledge of cloud was also scarce and Amazon saw it only as a company that sells online. But that had to change and it had to be officially demonstrated.

That is why I began to prepare one of the Amazon certification exams, which, apart from selling everything through the Internet, is the largest public cloud provider in the world , with a market share of 31.7 percent compared to 13 , 3 of the closest competitor, Microsoft Azure, according to

It is not the only Seattle exam for someone to demonstrate knowledge in your solution. After the basic level ( Foundational ), the intermediate is divided into three branches: architect, developer and operator. The one I refer to in this article is the Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate , which certifies an intermediate level of application and system design using Amazon’s multiple services. As I achieved my purpose, I want to share the experience in case it helps someone on their particular path to the cloud.

High quality aws solutions architect certification courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Online.

Just like in its merchandise retailing business, Amazon has everything in the cloud world : from A to Z. Anything you might need is available from setting up a simple application to an entire virtual DPC, all divided into different services with proper names:

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Amazon VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) – Provides network management resources for setting up a private cloud environment.

Amazon EC2 ( Elastic Compute Cloud ): AWS’s service for compute servers, from the smallest machine to the giants to run a SAP HANA application.

Amazon S3 ( Simple Storage Service ) – Object storage system.

And so on up to more than a hundred solutions. Hence the fear… When someone prepares for certification, they can’t help but wonder how they are going to get to know all the services. Fortunately, there are some more important than others and about which you wonder more. And, as in everything, the difficult thing is to start.

Below I describe the path of preparation that I followed with the intention that it will be of help for those who want to face it from scratch. I divide the work into three phases, each of which builds on the previous one and, together, it is an efficient (and cheap) way to prepare the test:

Phase 0 : The beginning where you learn the structure of the AWS cloud and how it works in broad strokes. It is about stopping seeing an imprecise and distant cloud and beginning to understand that they are not computers that  I do not know who has in I do not know where and rents them I do not know how .

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For this level, the American giant offers a highly recommended free course .

Phase 1 : It is time to delve into the basic services and practice with them. For that, Amazon offers a free one-year subscription with a limited amount of resources to use during that period. It is necessary to open an account in which the number of a valid credit card must be provided, but in it they will only charge the expenses that exceed the limits of the free resources. And don’t panic! It is possible to create alarms so that Amazon itself will notify you if these restrictions are exceeded. In addition, in an academic and preparatory use of the exam it is very rare to incur an expense and, if it is done, it will be a few euros.

And there is also a very good free course from Udemy to acquire this level and practice with the free tier without surprises.

Phase 2: It is the final phase of preparation before the exam, which consists of studying and practicing with tests very similar to the official test. Specifically, I have worked with those from Whizlabs : this resource is not free, but for less than 20 euros it provides a lot of material to ensure approval or almost. The great thing about these tests is that they indicate and explain the correct answer, detailing why the other options are incorrect, so a lot is learned from various services.

The tests included in the package are divided into two types: practice tests and section tests. The latter have more difficult questions than the certification ones, and each one focuses exclusively on one AWS service, with several dealing with a core service. My advice is to study the solutions of these tests directly, to learn what was missing in previous levels. I would not do them as essays because they can be discouraging as they require a higher degree of knowledge.


To practice I did it with the practice tests . In general, the difficulty of the questions is less than those of the exam but it is quite close. In addition, it comes in handy to know the format of it: 65 questions with four options, one or two of which are correct, with the possibility of leaving marked questions to review later. To answer them, as in the certification, you have 130 minutes (Important: when requesting the exam you can request an extra 30 minutes of time if you are not native English speakers since the exam is in this language. From your own experience and someone else’s! I tell you that that extra time is very valuable!).

And, arriving at the star question, I will tell you that it is approved with approximately 72 percent of correct answers. Since the mock tests are easier, the equivalent would be eighty-odd percent correct answers on them. In the case of questions with multiple answers, all must be hit to obtain a score for that question.

Exam topics vary but are always focused on a handful of important Amazon cloud services.

The path that I propose from my personal experience of course does not ensure success, but it is proven: it helped me to certify myself and it is the one that we have worked together in the specialized engineering cloud team of Empresas clients to certify ourselves on Azure and Amazon.

This approach, within the SoyClouder initiative , fits into Empresas’ multicloud strategy to offer large companies and public administrations services and tools to take advantage of the public cloud that better responds to their business needs .

For this reason we will continue with our continuous training in different certifications. I hope my advice, if it doesn’t make you expert architects, at least makes you good AWS bricklayers, as one colleague says.

The Ultimate AWS Solutions Architect Certification Guide

So, you decided to take the AWS Solutions Architect exam. A fantastic choice! You’re ready to level up your career and dive deeper into the fascinating world of AWS.

The only problem is that you have no idea where to start because you have never prepared for a certification like this and / or have no experience with AWS.

Do not worry. I was in the same boat not long ago.

Before I began preparing for this exam, I had very little exposure to AWS Training. The most I did was host a static site using an S3 cube.

Also, he had never worn a Solution Architect’s hat, at least in a professional setting.

Less than two months later, I am certified.

So what made this certification easy? Online learning materials.

Online learning materials are a game changer when it comes to studying for these certifications. They will make your life so much easier.

I went through tons and tons of resources while preparing for this exam, and have selected the ones that will help you get the best possible results.

Some resources will be free and others will cost you. I’m usually a big advocate for free resources, but in this space, you pay for what you get. Every penny was worth it. Without paid resources, this certification would have taken months to obtain.

You are lucky to have found this article because it is about to change your life!

Note: If you are looking for tips on how to pass the aws solutions architect certification, click here .


Help you pass your AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate Architect Certification Exam (SAA-C02).

Table of Contents

Why should you get certified?


My exam tips

Taking action

Why should you get certified?

I saw this as an incredible opportunity to learn, and it turned out to be just that. In these two months, I was able to gain a holistic understanding of almost everything there is to know about being a solutions architect.

I’ve only worn the “developers” hat so far in my professional career, so it was fun to see how the applications I work on are designed on an enterprise scale.

It really makes you think about how you can design your application to be highly efficient, robust, secure, and cost-effective (yes, those are the four objectives you are tested on :).

Also, everything is related to infrastructure, architecture, development, deployment, monitoring, serverless computing, security, best practices, etc. The list goes on and on of what you can get from this certification.

If the thrill of learning isn’t enough for you, the average salary for aws solutions architect certification Professionals is well over $ 100,000 (change!). Of course, certification is not equal to competition, but it is certainly a good start.


I tried quite a few study resources. One couple proved to be incredibly valuable. I will list them in order of usefulness.


You can purchase this as a course on Udemy or through the ACloudGuru learning portal. I bought it on Udemy for $ 13. Wait for it to be on sale; you don’t want to spend $ 150.

ACloudGuru was the perfect place to start for me. They give hands-on lectures and labs that are informative and will keep you engaged.

They also do their best to keep their content up to date. Since the AWS landscape is continually changing, it can be challenging to find current resources

Something that worked for me during this course was first looking at the section summaries and then looking at all the lectures. This technique helps you focus on the most critical parts of each class.

With the ACloudGuru course comes the community. And this is one of the best assets out there. They have a discussion forum where people talk about their experience with the exam. If it weren’t for this, I would never have discovered Dojo Tutorials.

Here is an example of a forum post that is helpful. Always make sure to read the latest posts!

Dojo Tutorials

This resource , in conjunction with ACloudGuru, will take you approximately 50% of the way. If you already have experience with AWS, TutorialsDojo alone might be enough to get you ready.

Tutorials Dojo offers nearly 400 practice questions that explicitly focus on the relevant topics for this exam.

The package was around $ 15, and it was the best $ 15 I’ve ever spent.

Dojo Tutorials not only gives you a host of questions, it gives you incredibly detailed explanations of why each answer is what it is.

Additionally, they proide links to relevant AWS documentation and cheat sheets to help explain the concepts. These cheat sheets were helpful for this exam.

Official Study Guide for AWS Certified Developers

This study guide was especially helpful during the early stages of my preparation. Conceptually it helped me understand many of the core services.

Yes, I know this is a study guide for the developer exam. I took both tests because there was a lot of overlap between the two. It really is a test on the same content with a different perspective.

The value of this resource is the digestibility of the content. It is written in a way that provides excellent technical depth with minimal ambiguity. AWS documentation and whitepapers can be a bit difficult to beat at times. This study guide offers a layer of abstraction that doesn’t skimp on any of the details.

However, I will say that some of the review questions in this study guide are a bit outdated. But there is no waste of knowledge. It’s all good to know. And sometimes, understanding the historical context will provide a deeper appreciation of current ideologies and methods.

I was able to get this for free through an O’Reilly Learning subscription that I have through work. If you don’t have this, it’s $ 33 on Amazon. If you don’t want to spend this money, don’t worry, you can still be successful without it.

Additionally, the O’Reilly Learning Portal offers a good practice exam through Pearson. I recommend checking it out.

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AWS Documentation and White Papers

If you are ever confused about a particular topic or concept, the best place to clear up that confusion is at the source itself.

AWS documentation and whitepapers are the most current resources you will find. All the materials I have listed before are derived from here.

I found the “Best Practices” and Frequently Asked Questions sections the most helpful.

This one , for Amazon FSx, was responsible for three or four questions on the exam. Fortunately, I read this documentation just before taking the exam!

Always be careful of any API calls or limits you read about from other sources. Since AWS is constantly changing, these values ​​will change as well. An API call that was recommended in 2016 can now be deprecated. The same goes for the limits. AWS Lambda functions used to have a maximum execution time of five minutes, and now it is 15.

Documentation is the best place to get the most up-to-date information for things like this.

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AWS Materials

I paid for the practice test, and this was primarily a sanity check to make sure I was studying the correct content. It was $ 20 for 20 questions. It was worth it? Maybe not, but it gave me the confidence I needed to schedule my exam.

The questions you see on the practice test are very similar to those in the Dojo Tutorials pack.

Also, they don’t tell you which questions you got wrong. They just give you a percentage for each section (similar to how they present the results for the actual exam).

This resource was also helpful to me: Exam Preparation: AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate . It provided a different perspective on the core AWS services, as well as practice questions similar to what you can see on the exam.

I wouldn’t say that any of these resources are “must do” to get good results on the exam, but it’s always good to see different perspectives on the content. And this comes directly from the creators of the exam.

My exam tips

Study, study, study your main services!

Make sure what you are studying is up to date if you are taking the SAA-C02 exam. Dojo Tutorials help you understand what new services will appear in this exam.

A fair warning: scenario-type questions appear frequently. This type of problem tests your comprehensive knowledge about a specific service or collection of services and how they work together. This is more of an applied understanding, so memorization won’t help you here.

If you were planning on memorizing the practical questions from Dojo Tutorials, I wish you the best of luck. That is not the correct approach here. Take the time to learn about each of the services and what they do.

That is why I urge you to get as much practical experience as you can. Although I did not use this resource myself, I have heard that Qwiklabs is excellent for this.

Learn everything there is to know about CloudWatch and how you can use it with your local applications (this specific topic made me stumble on the exam).

Taking action

Now what? Register and you ace the exam!

The exam costs $ 150 and you now have the option of taking it in your own home. Make sure you go to the bathroom first, as they won’t let you leave your workspace for more than two hours.

When will you be ready?

It is almost impossible to know when you are really ready. For me, once I finished the Udemy course (which took about a month), I went ahead and scheduled my exam for two weeks. Then if I felt like I needed a couple more days I would reschedule and delay (you can do this up to 24 hours before the scheduled exam time).

This technique put some fire under my butt and gave me the motivation I needed to do it. Putting the money in and having it on my calendar forced me to be responsible.

For the two weeks after the course and before the exam, I did nothing more than reinforce the knowledge I gained from the Udemy course by taking practice exams in Dojo Tutorials and using the resources I mentioned above.

I wish you the best of luck! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave an answer, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is AWS Training (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services with its abbreviated acronym AWS, is a very popular and complete cloud platform due to its multiple services it offers. Many companies grow at a fleeting speed and this leads us to respond with the operation of their infrastructures, increasing their productivity and reducing costs.

According to the rating shown by our dear trusted Amazon as a Strong Vendor, AWS has been the pioneer in the transformation of IT as a cloud platform provider, in English Cloud Computing , and has been a strategic ally providing agility and reliability to its customers by improving productivity in its processes in the technology area.

What is Amazon Web Services for?

Amazon web services provides us with a huge amount of services to be able to solve different variables that we have in an IT infrastructure, these variables can be from cloud storage, instance management, web hosting to mobile application development, and this only naming some of them.

AWS guarantees us a more secure and reliable platform, so much so that an IT architect can find with Amazon all the necessary resources to assemble its complete, secure and fault-tolerant architecture. Everything a company needs to compete in the market.

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Benefits of Amazon Web Services

A super-benefit that Amazon can provide us with having it as an ally is that it guarantees us to focus only on what we should do , that is, for a software development company the main focus is developing software . Usually the headache was or is to maintain a stable infrastructure and platform, dedicating enough staff and time to keep the systems aligned and satisfactorily serving deployments, monitoring, a variety of things.

Unfortunately today, there are still companies that have their ‘spaghetti’ type platform, where only they understand it and know how it works. With Amazon this is over, the dependence on the ‘who’ configured or implemented a certain infrastructure is over, with a cloud provider like AWS the systems management area is dedicated to managing technology resources more optimally and easily , providing stability of almost 99.9% on their platforms, in their services or storage.

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Winter design extravaganza for women

Winters are right around the corner and what a perfect time to shop for your favorite winter clothing and show to the world that winter is indeed coming soon.

Winter dress for the + glam

super glamorous celebrations. In this guide to winter dresses, only the most exclusive ones like this one were selected, which is ideal for very special social events.

This dress is totally divine and very elegant because it is long sleeves and fits at the top and falls with a skirt with a lot of volume. To make the dress look so chic, the model combines it with thick black stockings, cute high ankle boots and a hat.

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Winter dresses (sweater type)

If you were wanting to see more sweater-type winter dresses, we recommend that you consider this fascinating option. With this dress you create fantastic looks as long as you combine it with thick black stockings and a pair of short or long ankle boots.

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Winter dresses: A short and feminine design

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8 Tips to implement an ITIL certification

If you have already taken your exam to obtain your ITIL certification and you are thinking about how to put it into practice in your workplace, the following will interest you. And it doesn’t matter if you have an older one, these tips will also help you:

Don’t see ITIL certification as the end of the journey

This certification will be of little value if you don’t proactively use the new knowledge. For example, most employers will downplay any skills that cannot be used on the job. So you should look for opportunities to take advantage of this knowledge, whether in your position or throughout the IT organization. It is best to do this before taking the test.

Start with why

Ideally, you should have previously agreed the reason for the ITIL certification with the manager. If not, we return to the first point: how can this knowledge help the organization?

ITIL certification

Define why in terms of business value

Managers use some models to improve the ROI value of training. As mentioned above, this must be seen from the beginning.

ITIL certification

Do your research before you jump

While studying, it is very common to get carried away by a typical ITIL adoption mistake: thinking that it is just a set of good practices and processes, rather than a way to improve IT service delivery and support, with a focus in the quality of services and in the creation of value for the business.

Don’t throw away your study materials

It will be impossible to recall everything you learned about ITIL, not to mention that some of the things you do remember might be wrong. Hence the importance of keeping all the material, in case you have to read it again.

ITIL certification

Don’t follow the training order to the letter

ITIL certifications tend to follow an order. This usually starts with incident management , then problem management , then change management, etc.

This may be helpful for your organization, but it may also not be. Therefore, it is best to seek to apply what has been learned taking into account the possible positive impact, and not in a systematic or robotic way.

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tips to put your ITIL qualification into practice

Let’s say you just took the ITIL certification exam. Better yet, you have yet to take it and you are currently considering how to apply what you will learn in your studies to your workplace. Importantly, you can implement it not only in the work you do, but also in enhancing the broader delivery of IT services and the support capabilities of your IT department.

Also, if you took and passed your ITIL exam a few months ago, this post will still work for you. Read on for our 10 tips to put what you studied into practice for your ITIL qualification

Don’t think that everything ends with your ITIL learning and qualification

Most employers, unless they earn more business through their employees’ skill level, will see little value in any new hire qualifications that are not used in practice, on actual tasks. You need to use your learning well and make a difference.

Start with the “why (s)”.

This is something I blatantly “borrowed you may have simply embarked on your ITIL studies to earn an additional qualification and advance your career. That’s fine (especially if you’ve self-funded it).

ITIL certification


But, if your employer has sponsored your studies, hopefully they will receive some kind of commercial benefit from your new ITIL qualification. So what is your “why”? Ideally, you will have agreed this with your boss before starting your studies. If not, try adapting it again, seeking to understand how your new knowledge can help your employer improves in the future.

Articulate your “why (s)” in terms of business value

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. The “Eight Field Model” is a proven technique to help managers and their staff improves the value received from their training investments. Ideally, this should be used before ITIL studies, but can be used retrospectively.

Understand what you have learned before trying to change something.

When studying for the ITIL exam, it is easy to focus on the ITIL processes and what they entail. Don’t worry, this is all good. However, in doing so, you can make a very common ITIL mistake: thinking it is about processes rather than better IT service delivery and support and the focus on quality services and business value creation (or co-creation). Therefore, verify that you are focused on the “end” (the required results) rather than the “means” (the processes) when looking to offer ITIL-based improvements.

Keep your ITIL study materials handy.

Don’t assume that you will remember everything you learned to pass the exam. To make matters worse, you will probably think that you have remembered (or even understood) something correctly when the reality is that you did not. Therefore, it is good to be able to refer to study materials when necessary.

Don’t blindly follow the ITIL “learning journey” in the real world

Instead, focus on what will help your organization the most. By this I mean that it’s easy to start with incident management, then move on to problem management, then switch, and so on, according to the ITIL study material. This could be what your organization needs, but it probably is not. So, try to apply what you’ve learned to the things that will have the greatest positive impact for the business.

Don’t try to make an ITIL-based change out of thin air

You are not the first ITIL student, and you will not be the last, to want to use what you learned in the office. Therefore, it seeks to learn from the experiences of others, once again, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. This could involve networking with your peers after the course, collaborating with colleagues, pursuing the success of your ITSM tools provider’s clients, or something else.


Don’t overestimate the value of your ITIL Foundation certification

Okay, it’s great that you passed the exam, but be realistic about what this means – you were able to understand and remember much of the ITIL Foundation syllabus. But it doesn’t make you an ITIL expert. Especially when it comes to making ITIL-based organizational change a reality. So stay connected and humble, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from more experienced colleagues.

Don’t think you need to go alone

Or, changing this, you recognize that trying to bring about ITIL-based organizational change will be difficult as a “lone voice.” So, try to get buy-in for your best proposals (and, ideally, help identify and formulate those improvements).

Don’t underestimate the time it may take to switch (which doesn’t preclude making “quick wins” based on ITIL

Some of the changes you have planned may require organization-wide modifications, crossing teams and reporting lines. Therefore, understand that it will take time to gain acceptance and that this could take even longer than the change itself.

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How to find Great 1st Birthday Party Supplies online

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Decorations for the child’s first birthday. What decor for the 1st birthday will be the best?

Decorations for the child’s first birthday. What decor for the 1st birthday will be the best?

The occasion that is celebrated by all people most often and the most proudly is the birthday. And what is greater than the first birthday? Everyone celebrates their birthday with their closest family, friends and colleagues. Preparing a good birthday party for the 1st year requires some planning, but with the right accessories it can be done in an interesting and original way.

One year decorations

A child’s first birthday is a unique event in the life of parents and loved ones. It is worth celebrating them with a bang and preparing properly. When choosing decorations for one year old, we should take into account the child’s age. The main point is that the decorations and decorations we choose should match the nature of the event and the child’s cognitive skills. One year old is the first step in a long way of life.

At this age, the child is just beginning to get to know the surrounding world and we should not overdo the stimuli. Therefore, the best solution is decorations in subdued and delicate colors, such as shades of blue and pink. Decorate a birthday party for a 1 year old with decorations such as a number 1 balloon or with the words “I’m already one year old”. For the cake you will need a number 1 candle or one with the words “My first birthday”.

Remember, to accurately document the child’s first birthday so that when he grows up, he can view photos from the birthday that he will not remember. Take care of a consistent decor of the decorations so that your child, when browsing the photos after many years, knows how much you love them from the very beginning! Another practical advantage of such a solution is that when you look at photos containing decorations for a year old, you will immediately know which birthday they come from. Unfortunately, our memory can be unreliable, so it is always worth bearing in mind.

The practical advantage of this solution is that when you look at the photos with decorations for a year old, you will immediately know which birthday they come from. Unfortunately, our memory can be unreliable, so it is always worth bearing in mind. The practical advantage of this solution is that when you look at the photos with decorations for a year old, you will immediately know which birthday they come from. Unfortunately, our memory can be unreliable, so it is always worth bearing in mind.

What can we find among birthday accessories for the 1st birthday? Certainly, the birthday party cannot miss such things as:

colorful birthday balloons

small birthday gifts

birthday decorations

tableware around the table

Anyone who thinks about organizing a party in a good atmosphere and with many attractions should pay attention to what he can prepare to ensure all guests have a good time.

Balloons, ribbons, garlands for the 1st birthday

A nice decoration is the basis of any good reception, so this aspect should be given special attention. Balloons are a very common decoration of any event, so it is worth betting on birthday balloons, for example with the words “Happy Birthday”, the number 1 or an image of a cake with candles. And while we’re talking about birthday cakes and their decorations, choosing the right candles is definitely a good idea. Number 1 birthday candles or simple candles are perfect accessories for any birthday party.

Interesting decorations are also colorful ribbons and birthday garlands, which can be hung from the ceiling in the ballroom, creating a unique decoration that attracts the eyes of all guests. If we decorate the room as beautifully as we can, we will guarantee a good mood from the very beginning of the party. There are many birthday decorations, and each of them will certainly be suitable for creating a beautiful decor.

What for a gift for 1 year old?

Birthday Party Supplies Online are organized not only for children. Adults also throw big parties, celebrating the 1st anniversary with family or friends. If we have been invited to a birthday party, we must remember that we must not appear empty-handed. Choosing an interesting gift should not be a problem, sometimes a small gift can be a pleasure for the birthday person.

Children are always happy to receive a gift. A colorful figurine with a favorite hero, a plush toy or some small piece of jewelry are ideal options for toddlers who love everything colorful. There are many interesting toys, and properly packed, they will guarantee your child a lot of joy.

One hundred years for everyone! Let’s celebrate the 1st birthday!

No matter what anniversary we celebrate. It doesn’t matter if the party is grand or modest. It is worth putting on a good decoration, interesting accessories and a nice gift each time. People who organize a birthday party focus on taking care of the atmosphere of the place where the party is to take place and attractions for guests.

Creating an interesting birthday party is an opportunity to show your imagination and organizational skills in a big way. There are plenty of products for this occasion, and the secret is to match them to each other, guaranteeing guests unforgettable fun throughout the evening.

Decorations for the child’s first birthday. What decor for the 1st birthday will be the best?

The first year is a special moment in the life of the child and his parents. And each unique occasion deserves a special setting. Children’s Birthday Party Supplies Online is associated with the selection of a special decoration. It’s good to bet on cheerful, optimistic colors such as blue, green, orange or pink.

To emphasize the fact that it is the first birthday, it is worth choosing decorations such as number 1 balloons, number 1 candles, banners with the words “Happy Birthday”. Foil balloons with animals will also work well. Frog, zebra, giraffe, bee, fudge — kids love all animals! Before you decorate and throw a birthday party, however, make sure your guests have received a birthday party supplies online.

What birthday present for a girl? What birthday present for a boy?

What would a birthday be without gifts? Exactly. Many people wonder what kind of gift for a year old will be appropriate. The first association is toys. Toys such as blocks, puzzles and picture books are a good idea.

When planning a gift for the 1st birthday, it is also good to think about the child’s parents. Children grow quickly, so in the first period of childhood, items such as clothes are useful: rompers, shoes, bodysuits, socks, hats. In the case of a larger gift for the first birthday, a stroller or a car seat will work well. A doll will be perfect for a girl, and a doll stroller to complete the set. For a boy, of course, a toy car! From universal gifts, it is worth choosing interactive and educational toys for children. During this period, children learn to walk,


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