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Cesarean section 6

What are the main stages of the cesarean section?

Once the anesthesia is performed, a urinary catheter will be put in place to empty the bladder and facilitate the surgical procedure.

The surgeon will then disinfect the entire abdomen using a suitable brush and an antiseptic solution.

This step is followed by the establishment of sterile operating fields (disposable tissue intended to isolate the operating field). So you will not see what happens during the procedure.

The incision is usually horizontal, about two finger widths above the pubic bone with the help of cesarean section surgical instrument set. This incision is large enough to “let through” your child, usually 10-15 centimeters. The scar will be inconspicuous because it is hidden by the underwear or public hair.

The surgeon pushes the tissue apart with his fingers (and explains how you felt your body move during the procedure) and exposes the uterus.

He incises the “front” face of the uterus, opens the water bag and grasps the head of the fetus (one of its feet or its pelvis in the case of breech presentations) then extracts the latter through the incision by associating a pressure on the bottom (top) of the uterus.

The umbilical cord is immediately severed and the newborn is entrusted to the midwife in order to provide him with the appropriate care.

The time between the incision of the skin and the extraction of your child is a few minutes.

The placenta is then removed (delivery) by pulling on the cord or pulling it out directly by hand.

The surgeon then sutures the incised part of the uterus (hysterotomy) then all the planes of the abdominal wall using absorbable threads, after making sure that there is no bleeding and that the compresses are counted exact.

The skin is closed using staples or threads (absorbable or not).

A simple bandage is put on the scar at the end of the operation.

The average duration of a caesarean is about 40 minutes, knowing that if conditions are unfavorable, it may take longer.


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