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6 tips for reselling your clothes online

Is your closet overflowing and you are desperately trying to get rid of a few things? Have you thought about selling online, but worried you might not know how to go about it? The editor gives you the keys to sell womens clothing online without worry.

The right site to sell clothes

Before jumping headlong into your sale, take the time to choose the right site. There are so-called “catch-all” sites such as eBay, Bon Coin, or even Amazon. And there are the fashion sites: Shurooq and much more… BE CAREFUL, you are aware that some sites claim a commission on your sales. For example, if you opt for Videdressing.com, you will owe them 10% of the amount of your sale + € 3 per item sold. Stay informed of their terms and conditions by clicking on general conditions of sale to find the most advantageous before putting your clothes on sale.

Present your product well

When you shop, you are heading for the product that catches your eye. You look at its cut, its color, its materials, and especially if it has no flaws. Tell yourself that for your potential buyers, it’s the same thing. The more information the better. Ideally, when you sell an item of clothing or an accessory, is to specify since when you have it, the purchase price, the materials, the recommendations or advice (how to wear it, wash it …). Remember to put pictures of the product worn so that people can get a better idea of ​​the look. It is better to offer three: one from the front, one from the back, one in profile.

Take into account the profile of your potential buyer

Before accepting a transaction and selling your garment, make sure you are not dealing with a fake profile. Look at the opinions left by other Internet users. If the majority of reviews are negative, drop the sale. Needless to say, you’ve read the reviews. Just say you have found another buyer, or just say the payment method is not right for you. And if you encounter the slightest concern, do not hesitate to report it to the site.

Make yourself visible on social networks

Social networks are everywhere, so you might as well optimize them. On Facebook, it’s not really that complicated. All you have to do is create an advertisement, promote the company and its products and generate as many views as possible. Granted, it’s easier said than done. Try to set a framework with consumer reviews. Positive reviews are like a showcase, when people see positive reviews they click, buy and become new customers.

Be vigilant at the time of payment

In the advertisement to sell clothes, do not forget to specify the means of payment accepted: paypal, check, credit card and cash. For luxury products, it is better to favor a personal delivery. Unless you’ve made sure the buyer has a good review. Beware if several people insist on paying by paypal on the pretext that it is an additional security. Often these are fake accounts designed to embezzle your money.


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